Top Airsoft Questions – “Sniper Rifle” Edition


Time to answer questions about Snipers!

Hello Again Airsofters! We’ve cobbled together a list of top questions from the web-o-sphere regarding sniper rifles and airsoft! Did These help answer any of your pressing questions? Let us know in the comments below or message us on social media!

What is the best airsoft bolt action sniper (Springer)? / What are some good airsoft sniper rifles?

I don’t like to use the word “best” when it comes to describing airsoft guns. It is very subjective and will come down to a players individual likes. What someone feels is the best airsoft guns may not be the best choice for another. There are plenty of great spring airsoft sniper rifles on the market, but it will come down to what you prefer in the end. For an affordable base gun that you can upgrade, I would recommend either the Classic Army SR40 Sniper Rifle or the JG Bar 10 Sniper Rifle. Both of these models can accept Tokyo Marui VSR10 after market upgrade parts. This allows you to customize the performance to exactly the way you want. The Tokyo Marui VSR10 is a great model, but the Classic Army and JG outperform this model just by FPS alone. At the price you are paying for a base model VSR10, you can buy either the Classic Army or JG model and upgrade them to perform even better in range and accuracy. If you had more money in your budget, you could get the ASG McMillian Proline M40A3 or the Modify M24 USR150 sniper rifles. These will out perform any other stock sniper rifle of lesser cost!



What is the most powerful power type for airsoft sniper rifles?

This question is very broad and I am going to narrow it down a little. For Bolt Action Sniper Rifles there are two main power sources, spring and gas. Gas can be divided into three different categories; being Green Gas, Co2, and HPA. In terms of FPS, the gas powered sniper rifles will have the best chance of getting the highest velocity. First being HPA, then Co2, followed by Green Gas (based on psi rating). However gas rifles have a set amount of air before having to refill. Even with the HPA powered guns, you will have to fill the tank eventually. With a spring powered sniper rifle, the gun will perform as long as you can pull the bolt back. It will give you consistent FPS and accuracy, unlike Co2 and Green Gas. The FPS will slowly begin to drop as you are firing, which will in turn affect your range and accuracy.



Can a stock sniper rifle be able to handle .4g BBs?

Any stock sniper rifle will be able to shoot a .40g BB, but the range and accuracy will be greatly affected by what the sniper rifle is capable of. This can be improved with upgrades to the barrel assembly.


What is the maximum range of airsoft rifles?

I do believe the average range of all airsoft rifles shooting 400FPS will be roughly 200-250 feet (depending on the gun). The same can be said for bolt action sniper rifles shooting the same FPS, however I do see that they are typically more accurate than electric powered guns. What gun you choose and how you upgrade it will determine the maximum range of an airsoft gun.


What would a good airsoft sniper rifle cost?

This is another subjective question. If we are talking about of the box performance, I would say between $200-$300 will give you a good performing sniper rifle with no modifications. It will give you a good balance between performance and price. If you open the category to upgraded and modified guns, you can easily get into the $500-$1000 price range. Depending on what parts you install and how you want to accessorize your gun can add up very quickly. Ask yourself what you are willing to spend on an airsoft gun and find out what is in your price range. From there do some research on all of the guns available and choose the gun you think is best suited for you.

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  • Are you kidding?
    Best “out of the box” sniper is by far Novritsch’s SSG-24.
    Stop playing games.

  • Not even! The Modify M24 USR shoots just as good for a fraction of the price! The SSG-24 is even discounted from $700 to $475 to compete with it! You are paying for the extra money for a name, hard case, a patch, and a hand full of .30g BBs.

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