Does Anyone Ever Win “Call Your Hits”?

Is “Call Your Hits” Just One Big Scam?


Well, let’s debunk this myth right here. No, “Call Your HIts” is not a scam.


“But it’s your game! Of course you’d say that!” the haters will scream from the bowels of the internet.


That’s fine, 22,161 people as of the writing of this article would like to disagree with you.


That’s right. twenty-two thousand one hundred sixty one people have won something from free spins to a grand prize since we implemented our free-to-play “Call Your Hits” game in 2017***.


What’s “Call Your Hits”?

Call Your Hits is our free to play slot machine game on Airsoft GI. We implemented this game in August 2017 to give back to the airsoft community by offering you, the airsofter, a chance at free stuff! You get five spins a day, and we offer promotions where you can win more just by making orders, though that isn’t required to win.

Despite what the haters on the internet may say, the game is definitely not rigged. It’s a free game, and we made it to give back to our community. You can try it yourself right HERE.


Do you really have that many winners?


We actually keep track of all of those statistics, so we can see how many people win. We have about thirty people win a day, on average. Now, these winnings include the free spins, but that’s just more chances for you to keep playing, and not wait for your daily five spins to refresh. Many of these individuals go on to win great prizes like Classic Army Microguns, MK18’s, Elite Force 1911’s and so much more!



So It Really Isn’t a Scam?


It’s one of the many ways Airsoft GI likes to give back to the community. This, combined with our amazing coupon codes, discounted prices and other deals that we offer throughout the year are how we say “Thanks!” to our loyal supporters and community members! You can get more spins just by making orders on the website, but you get five for free every day! You can’t win if you don’t play, so get spinning!


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***Statistics polled as of 8/12/19.

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