Cisco’s Top 5 New Player Mistakes

Cisco from the California store has been playing airsoft for a bit now, and with that experience comes knowledge. Today, he’s got a nice little breakdown on some advice we all wish someone had given us when we started playing. From things we’ve learned the hard way, to advice we’ve all grown to give the new players we meet along the way, check out the video below to see what mistakes you can avoid:

Want a bit more detail? Click below the jump and we’ll break these tips down for you.

5. Dry Firing

  • It’s a thing that seems simple to all of us who have been playing for a while, but being able to recognize when your gun is no longer feeding BB’s is an important skill. Often times, new players will not readily recognize that their gun is no longer firing and won’t think to reload. This can cause a multitude of problems, but almost all of them end in getting shot, instead of shooting your opponent. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the sounds your gun makes when loaded, and when it’s out of ammo, and avoid that long road back to respawn.

4. Having the Right tools for the job

  • Having the right gear is essential to completing your objectives once you’re in the game. Conversely, it can be detrimental if you bring everything but the kitchen sink to play a quick ten minute pick up CQB battle. Make sure you’re carrying the things you need, but try to avoid the all-too-common mistake of carrying a bunch of things you won’t use on the field. If you’d like some advice for picking up a kit, consider checking out one of our older articles on setting up your gear here.

3. Don’t Try Sniping your first time

  • We hate to be the crushers of dreams here on the GITV Blog, but let’s face it: Airsoft Sniper Rifles are never as cool as the movies and video games we love would have you believe. Whether it’s because of cost or the “cool” factor, many new players opt to get into sniping for their first gun, but fail to realize that often a lot of these guns do not keep up with their AEG counterparts out of the box if you want to be competitive. Bolt Action rifles are slow, and unless you spend the time and money on upgrades, you’ll be very easily outgunned by even the most entry level of AEGs. When you’re just starting your airsoft adventure, focus on getting out and having the most fun, not trying to be the most elite airsoft operator nobody will ever see.

2. Situational Awareness

  • It’s easy for even the most experienced players to get tunnel vision. We see it every time we go out to play (and sometimes, we’re the ones doing it too) but if you’re aware it’s possible, you can help fight the urge. Always be mindful of your surrounding environment, and make it a point to keep an eye on all the avenues you can be attacked from in a given space. This is a skill that takes a lifetime to master, and you’ll have days where you forget to do it, but make it a point to focus a bit more on what’s around you, and less on whats in your cross hairs.

1. Go Easy on the upgrades

  • We aren’t telling you to never upgrade your gun. In fact, we encourage quite the opposite. Upgrade your gun as much as you want, just make sure you do some research first, and take the time to get to know your gun before you start tossing money at it based on some write-up you read on the internet about how good some guy got his blaster to shoot. No two airsoft guns shoot exactly the same, and you won’t know how beneficial your upgrades you made were, unless you are familiar with how your gun shoots before hand. Additionally, it’s one less thing to give you a headache while you are learning the game. Airsoft is a simple game, but with a ton of depth to master, and the less your try to learn at once, the faster you’ll figure out what you do and don’t need in an airsoft gun. Give yourself some time before you start planning out how to take your gun to the next level, and you’ll end up with a better result and better use of your funds in the long run.

Well there you have it! Hopefully you’ve found some useful information from these five tips for yourself or your friends who are just starting out. This is by no means an exhaustive account of everything a new player needs to know, but this should help you avoid a lot of the common pitfalls you’ll find most new players running into. Is there any other advice you’d give a new player? let us know in the comments!

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