Guns of the Wildman | Classic Army SR 25

The Texas crew is back with another edition of Guns of the Wildman! In this video series, the team at our Texas location will showcase guns they think would be perfect for Operation: Wildman at D14 Airsoft! This time, Dave is all hyped up over the Classic Army SR-25 and with good reason. Check out the video below, and click past the jump for some more details about this phenomenal semi-automatic sniper rifle option.

The Classic Army SR-25 is a perfect rifle for a Designated Marksman or Sniper build. It’s full stock provides gigantic storage option for batteries of all configurations so that you can play all day without worrying about a dead battery. It features the option to attach a barrel extension to the front that gives this gun a very stylish MILSIM aesthetic as well, and gives you room to extend the barrel as well for even better accuracy.

The SR-25 also contains the following features:

  • Flip Up sights
  • Full Metal hand guard rail
  • large magazine capacity
  • Tight-bore Barrel
  • Upgraded Gearbox
  • 420 FPS

With the addition of a nice high magnification scope, a bipod, and possibly a vertical or angled grip, this gun will make the ideal platform for a dedicated sniper setup or designated marksman’s rifle. It’s very sleek modern military style also makes it a viable candidate for the most MILSIM of airsoft games allowing you to make the most out of your purchase.

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