Guns of the Wildman | PTS .308 GBBR

The crazy cowboys down in Texas have started up a new video series leading up to the new Operation: Wildman event at D14 Airsoft in Sanger Texas. This new series, dubbed “Guns of the Wildman” will showcase several guns that would make excellent on-the-field choices for any aspiring airsofter at Operation: Wildman.

In this First Installment, Fish takes you through why he thinks the PTS Mega Arms 308 MML Maten Gas Blowback Rifle is the best possible choice for Wildman. From it’s M-Lok Rail to it’s insane recoil with every shot, this may just be the gun you need to get the most out of your game. For more stats and details, click past the jump!

The PTS Mega Arms 308 features a whole host of awesome features that make it great for Op: Wildman, or any airsoft game for that matter:

  • Full Metal Construction
  • Ridiculously High Recoil
  • M-LOK Rails (for maximum modularity
  • PTS Furniture (Stock and Pistol Grip, as well as Iron sights)
  • Ultimate Realism through the Gas Blowback operation of the gun

This gun feels as close as you can get to the recoil of shooting an actual AR pattern rifle. It’s three round burst mode will help you conserve ammunition, and the heavy duty barrel and hop up combo will keep you accurate at any distance. If you are a fan of guerilla warfare and hitting the enemy from their blindsides, this is the perfect gun as it allows you to maintain a safe distance while you engage the enemy to maintain a quick and effective exfil after you’ve engaged your targets.

You can find the Mega Arms 308 by clicking HERE

You can buy tickets to Operation Wildman HERE

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