VLOG #11 | This Old Container (and the best swap meet ever!)

Dave from our Texas store recently took a quick trip out to our newest store location to see how the progress is coming along! It isn’t easy work turning a shipping container into an airsoft store either, click past the jump and we’ll break down what we still have left to do. While he was there, he poked around the swap meet at D14 Airsoft to see what he could find!

The progress on our shipping-container-turned-store is coming along very nicely! The backing walls are going in, the counter tops are being installed, and we’re finally able to get a good visualization for the first time of what it’s going to look like complete. We do still have a few things left to get done though!

  • We need WIFI set up to be able to run transactions
  • We need grid wall anchors to hang the wall
  • We need electricity!
  • We need all of our branding and signage installed
  • We need to stuff it to the brim with product for all of you!

We’re running on a tight time frame to make all of this happen, and it’s sure going to be a lot of hard work, you just can’t pass up the opportunity to bring your store to the players, instead of waiting for players to come to your store. We haven’t finalized the products we’ll be carrying, but we’re definitely bringing in a wide range, from guns, to gear, to batteries and accessories as well!

What are you most excited to see? Drop us a line and let us know!

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