Have you ever wondered about how we test the durability of an airsoft gun? Wonder no more as we try to break the new Lancer Tactical Gen 2 guns!

Lancer Tactical has made a name in airsoft over the past few years as the most affordable and competitive guns on the market. They are also known to be very fragile as well. The Gen 2 Lancer Tactical M4’s have had quite a few improvements. Here are a few to list off!

  • Nylon Reinforced Polymer Body
  • Rotary Style Hop Up Unit
  • 6.03mm Inner Barrel
  • Full Metal Version 2 Gearbox

We performed a series of tests to see how durable these new guns are!

See the results below!

These tests are not practical at all. We went the extreme to push the guns to its limits. You can imagine a more practical situations. Like the gun slipping out of your hands or it starts raining when you are playing. Maybe even accidentally stepping on the gun or a very over greased gearbox. We were being very goofy in this video. This wasn’t really testing the actual performance of the gun. This video does prove that the new Lancer Tactical Gen 2 M4’s can take beating.


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