The Arsenal – Dave’s Echo 1 Platinum M16 MILSIM Blaster

GITV Uncut has a brand new video series for you called “The Arsenal”, covering some of the staff at our store’s personal armories. Dave has opted to be the first one to cover one of his guns, his Echo 1 Platinum M16. Check out the video below and see how Dave kitted out his favorite blaster!

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Dave’s M16, while mostly stock, still has a few upgrades inside it:

Dave left his gearbox completely stock, because he didn’t believe in fixing what wasn’t broken. Once the tight bore barrel w/ r-hop was installed, the gun easily hit the 300 foot mark. While the gun is a lower FPS, clocking in at about 320 feet per second, it is very consistent, and the hop up has no problem sailing BB’s long ranges. While they do take a second to get there sometimes, and don’t have the best ability to combat the wind, the lower FPS does serve to increase trigger response and cyclic rate without having to over work the motor or utilize a high strength battery and put unnecessary strain on the gearbox.

Externally, this gun was utilized with the basic plastic handguard installed, as for a while, this was meant to be a lightweight no frills MILSIM option. Only recently, it was upgraded to the railed handguard you can see in the video to facilitate the addition of a light specifically for playing in MOUT environments. It may one day see the addition of a small magnified optic, but for now, it’s staying with iron sights to keep it smooth, lightweight, and functional for long games.

What would you do different to this gun? Let us know in the comments!

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