Timberwolf, Enhanced Glock?

Lone Wolf Distributor has been around for quite some time in the shooting community. They are famous for their extremely precise aftermarket parts and accessories for Glock pistols, which includes internal and external parts. The company is located in Oldtown Idaho. Lone Wolf was first famous for their aftermarket barrels for Glocks, and later for their internal parts. Recently, they released a new part to enhance the good old Glock, the Timberwolf frame (Lone Wolf does not make a complete gun; Timberwolf refers to the frame).

If you have shot a real Glock before, you would know how awkward the back strap of the pistol can be. Every time I pointed the pistol, I found myself readjusting my aim, unlike my 1911, which has natural ergonomics.  Additionally, it is really easy to get a “slide bite” from a Glock due to the way it was designed. I own a Glock 17 (real and airsoft) and I, personally, do not like how the Glocks feel. However, Glocks, in my opinion, are one of the finest combat pistols in the world. They are super reliable, super durable, and every time you pull the trigger, they will go bang. Plus, after years of shooting my Glock 17, I am very efficient and I am very accurate with it.

There are not many options I can do to enhance the ergonomics of my Glock 17. A grip reduction on my real Glock is fairly expensive, and there is no point doing a grip reduction on my airsoft Glock. I have no choice but to just “deal with it”.

Thanks to my boss, I had a once in a life time opportunity to enter Shot Show 2011 (A world wide gun show happens once a year, for trades only, no general public admission). As I was walking around the show, something caught my eye. It was the Lone Wolf Timberwolf Frame. I held it and aimed it; my aim feels natural just like my 1911. I immediately fell in love with it. However, fate intervened. After talking to the representative from Lone Wolf, the Timberwolf frame is prohibited by California State law! Now I understand the meaning of “it is too good to be true”.

Echo 1 Timberwolf Airsoft Gun features a Lonewolf Timberwolf lower frame and a Lonewolf slide.

A few days ago, my manager, Tim, handed me a Glock like aisoft pistol and told me to write a review for it. Immediately, I noticed it had the Lone Wolf Timberwolf frame. I was surprised that the Echo 1 Timberwolf is fully licensed by Lone Wolf Distributors. Since I cannot purchase a real Timberwolf frame for my Glock 17, the Echo 1 Timberwolf will do just fine.

Just like the real Timberwolf frame, the Echo 1 Timberwolf features a reduced back strap for the natural ergonomics of the operator. It also includes an interchangeable back strap depending on the operator.

Timberwolf includes 2 different sizes of backstrap depending on the operator.

With the reduced grip, the entire gun has the ergonomics of the famous 1911. The Echo 1 Timberwolf also has an extended beaver tail to protect the operator from “slide bite”. It also includes a full picatiny rail for lights and lasers. The magazine well is slightly flared so the operator can insert the mag easier.

The Timberwolf (both Echo 1 and the real one) has an improved checkering texture. It sticks to the shooter’s hand even with oil and sweat.

Improved Checkering to increase positive contact between shooter's hand and the gun.

The Echo 1 Timberwolf also includes a Lone Wolf designed slide, which has front and rear cocking serrations. The Echo 1 Timberwolf includes a threaded thread barrel.

The Echo 1 Timberwolf comes with a threaded barrel and the slide has front cocking serrations. It also features a full picatiny rail for mounting lights and lasers.

The Timberwolf frame also comes with a reduced and rounded trigger guard, which is very consistent with the 1911. Last but not least, the Echo 1 Timberwolf comes with an enlarged and rounded magazine release button.

Echo 1 Timberwolf Features a Rounded reduced trigger guard, making the gun feels like a 1911.

I am glad that Echo 1 has stepped up and produced the Timberwolf. It has all the features which shooters are hoping a Glock would have, from the extended beaver tail to the improved ergonomics. Even the trigger breaks and resets feel just like my real Glock 17. Echo 1 did a superb job on this Timberwolf. They are very detail oriented, even the trigger safety on the real Glocks can be found on the Echo 1 Timberwolf. If I could build a custom Glock for both airsoft and real world from the ground up, it would be the Timberwolf. I am Andrew, stay safe, and get out and play airsoft!

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