The Gold Standard: The Elite Force GLOCK 19 Airsoft Pistol Review

When You Need Perfect, Accept No Substitutes

That’s why most of the world’s military and police forces choose Glock as their sidearm of choice. It is a proven performer in the real steel world. Glock hits unprecedented levels of reliability and practical performance at a price point that can’t be beat. The airsoft model from Elite Force and VFC holds the same standard, giving airsofters a proven system with reliable construction and fantastic ergonomics.

We’ll be breaking down what makes the Glock 19 great, by taking a look at internals, externals and the reliability of the Elite Force Glock 19. Take a look for yourself and see why this pistol is so awesome!


More Than Just A Name

Anyone who has been a part of the airsoft community for a while knows that Glock airsoft replicas have been very hard to come by. Elite Force being able to secure the license was nothing short of a small miracle, but it left them with a huge responsibility. With the only officially licensed replica on the market, they knew it had to be the best it could possibly be.

The external components of the Glock 19 are nothing short of flawless. The execution of it’s construction is exquisite matching the real model part for part in appearance. The sights are identical, the dimensions of the grip are exact. The polymer even feels very similar to the polymer Glock USA uses to construct their real handguns.

Pulling the trigger invokes the Glock 19’s signature trigger safety, and the omnipresent “wall” in every glock is definitely there, warning you before you break a shot. The sensation is not dissimilar from firing an actual 9mm Glock 19. VFC and Elite Force paid the extra attention to the details here. From the texture of the grip, to the spacing of the finger grooves, everything is explicitly designed to be as realistic as possible.

What’s On The Inside Counts Too

The internal components of the Glock 19 show that VFC has been learning and improving with every gun they make. The interior systems bare an uncanny resemblance to older VFC pistols, but without all of the blemishes and poor design choices that plagued earlier models. The Glocks inner workings run smooth, like a well oiled machine. That is, as long as the gun is kept lubricated. The blowback chamber does it’s job, the hop up works as advertised. FPS is pretty consistent at 310 FPS. With hop up adjusted, 100 Foot shots are only difficult because of the native difficulty of 100 foot hand gun shots, and not because the pistol can’t do it.

Gas efficiency is pretty great too. It pushes out a solid two magazines per gas fill, and doesn’t feel like it is losing power at any point in the process until the last 4 or 5 shots. The recoil is sharp and feels great. It’s not anywhere near as realistic as some CO2 offerings, like the Glock 17, but the kinetic feedback was a welcome feeling. Where some green gas based sidearms can feel muddy and soupy with only enough force to chamber a round, the Glock 19 sends the slide rearward with intent. If you do not properly apply fundamentals, you can and will miss your follow up shots, and that’s a level of realism we can respect.


Bigger Than The Sum Of It’s Parts

The Elite Force and VFC Glock 19 gas blowback pistol is a much awaited addition to the world airsoft arsenal. It provides a definitive recreation of the iconic firearm it is based on that puts it’s performance where it’s muzzle is. This gun is designed to give you the perfect training platform for shooting real Glock 19s. while also providing the quintessential airsoft sidearm experience. You are doing yourself a disservice not to add this gun to your collection immediately.

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