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My Favorite CO2 Pistol…Right now

I have been using a certain CO2 pistol since just before Tim VS Bob IV/4.5 which has now become a permanent part of this Axe Man’s armory and it is…The Elite Force 1911 Tactical CO2 Blowback Pistol!

ef 1911

Ever since we started carrying Elite Force 1911’s at and I have had many chances to fire them and every time I marvel at not only their out-of-the-box accuracy but, more importantly for me, the incredible amount of recoil. Now, the recoil might not be “revolutionary” per se, but going from green gas pistols which have significant recoil to the Elite Force 1911 felt like taking a dip in very cold water, in other words it was shocking. There is a LOT of recoil on this gun and as such it was much more fun to shoot than any other gas pistol in my armory.

tvb4 2

Thankfully, I was able to purchase one just before Tim VS Bob IV/4.5 and thereby got quite a bit of field testing in with said pistol. One of the things I noticed while on the east coast is that my Elite Force 1911 did respond much better to colder weather than I ever would have expected my other green gas pistols to. I was able to achieve solid hits on targets further out and in colder weather than I would have ever been able to had I used a pistol running on green gas. Now, this is not to say that an Elite Force 1911 will always function in cold weather, but that it will perform above comparable green gas pistols in cold weather simply because of the fact that it is designed well and uses CO2 to function.

tvb4 5



Let’s Talk Holsters….

There are a lot of debates on which hard holsters are better. Currently we carry G-Code holsters and BlackHawk! SERPA holsters. I am going to give you my opinion based on my experiences and you can decide for yourself. Before we begin, let me give you my background.

My name is Andrew and I have been playing airsoft since 2006. Over the years, I have been to numerous operations and countless weekend games. More importantly, I have been a firearm enthusiast since 2009. I currently own an AR-15 (M4) and 2 handguns, Glock 17 and Kimber 1911. I have firearm training sessions frequently, almost once per month. I also participate I.D.P.A (International Defensive Pistol Association) and I.P.S.C. (International Practical Shooting Confederation). I have used both BlackHawk! SERPA holsters and G-Code holsters during those firearm training sessions and matches and found the advantages and disadvantages on both brands.

BlackHawk! CQC SERPA

BlackHawk! SERPA CQC Holster
The 3 main different mounting solutions for SERPA holsters.

After extensive research, BlackHawk! was founded in 1993 by a former U.S. Navy SEAL. BlackHawk! is a manufacturer of tactical gear, body armor, and law enforcement duty gear, holsters, hydration systems, protective gloves and gear, apparel and footwear, knives, illumination tools, breaching tools, hunting gear and recoil reducing stocks.

BlackHawk! CQC SERPA holster series first hit the market in 2004, and because of its revolutionary retention system, it quickly attracted everyone in the shooting community, including military and law enforcement around the world. The holster is injection molded from a high strength polymer, therefore it is durable.


Airsoft GI Now Has Even More G-Code Holsters!

Thats right! We now have them for SIG, USP, Glock (ATP) and Left-handed players! Check them out!

Airsoft GI Now Carries A Full Lineup Of G-Code Holsters! Check Them Out With Some Other New Products!

Bob and Tim review a new “old” gun. The CA E90 Sportline, now available in OD.

Check out the new GR4 G26 from G&G.

Also Check Out These New Products and All the New Options From G-Code!

G-Code REAC Tactical Drop Leg Panel (Non-RTI / Ambidextrous) – Available in Black, OD, Coyote, and MultiCam.

G-Code REAC Tactical Drog Leg Panel (RTI / Ambidextrous) – Available in Black, OD, Coyote, and Multicam.

G-Code MOLLE Adaptor (Non-RTI / Ambidextrous) – Available in Black, OD, and Coyote.

G-Code MOLLE Adaptor (RTI / Ambidextrous) – Available in Black, OD, and Coyote.

G-Code Paddle Adaptor (RTI / Ambidextrous) – Available in Black, OD, and Coyote.

WE Full Metal FN Herstal SCAR Light Gas Blow Back Airsoft Gun – Open Bolt – Available in Tan and Black.

G-Code Multi-Positional Large Paddle .75 Pattern (Non-RTI / Ambidextrous) – Available in Black, OD, and Coyote.

G-Code XST Standard Holster for Beretta M9 (Non-RTI / Right Hand / HOLSTER ONLY) Black

G-Code OSH Standard Holster for 1911 (Non-RTI / Right Hand / HOLSTER ONLY) Black

G-Code XST Standard Holster for 1911 (Non-RTI / Right Hand / HOLSTER ONLY) Black

The SOCOM Gear M9 with Holster