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After Action Report for Augusta Airsoft

Photo courtesy of Augusta Airsoft LLC
Our crowd from the day of the After Action Report

Written by Virginia resident and son of Odin, Marcus  “Thor” Olsson, is his After Action Report for Augusta Airsoft, LLC. A frequent player to Ballahack Airsoft in Chesapeake, Virginia, all-around great guy, and a pillar of the airsoft community for Virginia.


The owner at Augusta Airsoft sent me an invitation to come out and play at his field located in Stuarts Draft, VA several months ago. I was finally able to make it out there yesterday…Below is my review of my experience going to and playing airsoft at Augusta Airsoft, LLC. Along with some information about the field…

For those that use navigation equipment, just punch in 152 Johnson Drive, Stuarts Draft, VA and that will get you there. For me…I live in Hampton, VA so it was just under a three (3) hour drive for me. Convenience stores and gas stations are close by the field just up the main drive and within just a few miles of the field located on the main highway.

Information About the Field:

Hours of Operation are Saturdays from 12:30PM to 5:00PM and Tuesdays from 5:30PM to 7:30PM (Rain or Shine)
Admission is $20.00 on Saturday and $10.00 on Tuesday
Rentals are $10.00

You can call (540) 470-8713 or email [email protected] for additional information or check out their website at

They also have a FaceBook page where they post photos, updates and information about their upcoming events.

I highly recommend anyone planning to go to Augusta Airsoft, LLC that you check out their website. There you will find their safety rules and requirements posted, as well as an electronic waiver that you must sign before you go out to the field. There is also other information so again check out their website before heading out there.

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Revelation IV After Action Report


The day started early with GI Jay arriving at my house at 4:45am. Neither of us had had much sleep the night before, maybe 1-2 hrs. The forecast was for rain all day, fingers crossed we headed out. The drive time passed quickly and 2 hours later we pulled up to Ballahack. The parking lot was already filling up quickly.

IMG_1738We were able to set up our tables inside the staging area. The line for checking in snaked around the tables in the barn. Role-players kept order inside and occasionally a small show was put on, someone dealing with radiation would freak out and be subdued.

We geared up and spoke to many people as they passed our booth and while we walked around the front of the building. One could feel the excitement growing. The latest forecast showed the rain arriving mid to late in the afternoon, which put a bigger smile on everyone’s faces.

The briefing by Christopher was short, sweet and simple and then GAME ON!!!

As role-players Jay and I headed to the town to report to the Sheriff.

As a new recruit to the town guard I was stationed on guard duty on the East Gate, next to the 4 story building that served as the HQ.


My job was simple, allow people to leave the town area but not too allow access; access could be gained at the North gate. I was also tasked with keeping an eye out for attacks or suspicious people.

A jolly fellow and his band decided to take up residence in a building not far from the town, many called him Father Xmas, why he decided to live so close to the radiation was beyond me, of course since he was within range of our guns he had to pay rent, which he reluctantly did.  A short time later we came under fire from his direction. Our machine gunners inside our HQ along with several of us guards quickly put an end to that foolishness and the building became quite, Father Xmas sent an envoy to ask why we killed them all, our answer was simple you fired first. An uneasy clam settled in.

I rotated between the East gate and guarding the entrance to the HQ. I spoke with many people from the wasteland that had items that they thought might interest our Bartender, a fine gentleman that would purchase items from the travelers and sometimes send them on quests to locate items or persons.

There were several people who became unruly or spread hate and tried to instigate problems, they were of course summarily executed in the town square. (A Blank firing pistol was used and added to the feel). Throughout the day we had to evacuate the town of wastelanders to ensure the safety of the town.


Several of the buildings in the town were occupied by several different groups throughout the day. As the afternoon wore on one could feel tension in the air.

The HQ came under heavy fire from East and West, all the guards ran inside and we all took up positions at the windows; we were hard pressed to return fire from our positions due to the rain of fire we were under. Slowly it became clear that we were under attack from the West and that the forces on the Eastern side were in fact engaging the Western attackers and we were caught in the middle. Instructions were given to only engage the western side. The damage was already done and many people on the Eastern side lay dead (slowly respawned and returned to fight). As the sun set and the rain started the town was cleared of hostiles and returned to normality.


Game over!!!! We all returned to the staging area for Pizza, provided by Ballahack, big thanks for that. Jay and I prepared for the raffle. Christopher and Aaron started the raffle and then Jay and I got up and tossed hats and shirts to the crowd and raffled off the items we brought.

Jay and I slowly packed up and chatted with the players as they packed up and prepared to head out. We returned to Richmond around 9:30pm.

I had a great time, as I always seem to do at Ballahack, I cannot wait till REV V. I am planning my load out already. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did.

Thank you Christopher & family, the staff at Ballahack, and most of all the Players!!!.



Operation Reclamation After Action Report

AAR Op Reclamation.

It was a bitterly cold morning when the British Forces gathered at XZone. The opposing force was also dealing with the cool temperatures, the thermometer read just about 32F.

General Ed "The Tactical Meerkat"
General Ed “The Tactical Meerkat”

Everyone was in good spirits as they processed through registration and chrono’d their weapons. The banter among both teams continued until the briefing.(From Left to Right) Brittney Hazelwood, Eric Graves, Kelley Hare

(From Left to Right) Brittney Hazelwood, Eric Graves, Kelley Hare

In the first game scenario, both sides had to a plant and defend their flag. Both sides started off with their respective flags and at the center of the field, by a small bridge was a location that each side needed to plant their flag at and hold for 30 minutes, where upon the flag would become a secondary respawn location.  General Ed took time to organize his soldiers into 8-10 man size squads, each with a Sgt. He was ably assisted by his Captain, GI Zach, who in turn headed up General Ed’s Elite “Death Squad” tasked with their own mission to cause chaos in the enemy. Due to a comm. Issue, General Ed was still rallying his troops while Commander Chaos and his forces started to advance. The British forces deployed quickly and started to push the enemy back. Capt Zach led his elite unit to flank right, they were not seen again until the end of the first game, reports came in that they were keeping the enemy on their toes. Tired of staying in the rear General Ed moved to a forward position and encouraged his troops, to continue to advance and plant the flag by the bridge. The fighting was hard and fierce but soon the flag was in the ground and well defended. The British forces continued to gain ground until finally a stalemate line was drawn, fighting continued for about 20 more minutes before the game was ended. 946973_10151837558131589_2123881278_nBritish forces returned triumphant to the staging area, changed batteries, restocked BB’s and took advantage of hot food from a grill, a big thank you to the ladies from XZone who ran the grill.

The second briefing was given and troops began to move out to both spawns. In this game the British forces had to plant a ‘Nuke” ,purchased from a Russian agent, played by GI Jason”, at a predetermined location. The location was a long way from the Brits line.

(Left to Right) Gunnar Schmidt, Keelan Carpenter, Andrew Anzalone
(Left to Right) Gunnar Schmidt, Keelan Carpenter, Andrew Anzalone

General Ed briefed his squad leaders on their respective mission goals. The scenario started before General Ed had fully brief his troops, however with his excellent sergeants each man knew what was required of him.  Squads moved into position and the plan was hatched, the Nuke made its way slowly forward until it reached its final resting spot.

Heavy fighting occurred as darkness began to creep in. The time ticked away until finally the Nuke exploded. The scenario ended with total victory for the British side.

1450277_10151837558686589_764045244_nCommander Chaos and his troops put up a strong defense and will surely rally more troops and in the coming months try to push General Ed back to the sea.

I want to thank everyone who showed up to play, Eric and his refs at XZone, and a special thanks to the ladies who ran the grill.

998986_10151837553631589_1143021207_n General Ed “ The Tactical Meerkat”

  • Photos by Matt Earle

Operation Faded Giant After Action Report

OP Faded Giant After Action Review.


We set off from GI Tactical in Richmond VA and headed down the 400+ miles to GTI in Barnwell SC. We had loaded up the RV and headed down the road, we soon renamed the RV to the ACV or Aerodynamically challenged vehicle.

We stopped off for the required stop at South of the Boarder. If you are not familiar with this place, it is basically a 350-acre roadside attraction with shops, restaurants, and some really odd concrete statues, including a collection of iconic Pedros, a cartoon mascot with a Mexican theme.


We pulled into GTI around 10pm Friday night; we avoided the numerous camping tents and finally pulled up to a suitable spot, and headed into the registration area. We meet with the AMS staff and several of the great support staff for the event, as well as out squad leader. As we returned to the ACV both Zach and I could see the outline of the building against the dark sky, we could not wait till the next day.


I awoke early and after a quick fueling of coffee and breakfast I headed out to the chrono and to the PolarStar tent for an air tank fill. From the moment I stepped out of the ACV till the game started I was busy talking with other players. We all gathered for the event briefing right around 8:30am and of course had the prerequisite group photo. We then split off into our respective teams and then squads. We were briefed on our mission for the first evolution. Last minute gear checks were done and we headed off to the starting area for our side, UFS.


The seconds slowly ticked by until the command “GO GO GO” was yelled and the stampede up the hill started, squads splitting off, heading to their tasked areas. For the next 3 ½ hours we fought to advance or maintain our line, buildings were taken and lost and taken. We broke for a well needed lunch and returned about an 1 ½ hours later and fought over territory. Our squad was tasked with several missions throughout the day, some involved very close quarter battles inside awesome building, crawling under floors, or holding a specific position. I was exhausted by the time night fell and the evolution ended. Returning to the ACV I gratefully removed my plate carrier and equipment and began to think of what I was going to eat. Out of the darkness came my squad leader, “Ed” he asked “want to be OPFor for a IDAM.


I promptly grabbed my kit and headed out. The OPFor was myself and 2 members of “Steel Dragons” airsoft team. The IDAM was awesome, total darkness, inside a building and on a roof top. We were searching for a 2 man team, which we found and after a brief battle we died. I finally returned around 9pm to the ACV and collapsed and gobbled my dinner down. The remaining evening was spent talking with fellow campers.


I woke up with a start and my body rebelling form the abuse I had given it the day before. Grabbing coffee and a bite to eat I headed out and began to gear up. The morning briefing was given and very quickly I found myself back fighting for ground and buildings. The fighting today was much faster paced and seemed more constant, leading up to an epic battle in a pipe yard which brought the game to a close.

I returned to the ACV and cleaned up and headed to the closing ceremony and raffle. We finally left the AO around 4pm and arrived back at GI Tactical around 12:30am.


Personal observations:

I would first like to thank GTI for allowing this event to take place and to AMS for all the hard work they put into this event. This was my first AMS as well as my first Milsim event; I believe I was spoilt with this AO.  GTI is a Decommission Nuclear Fuels Processing Plant used as one of our nation’s premiere training sites for USSOCOM forces, Law Enforcement special operations, federal agencies, and Urban Search and Rescue Teams. As a civilian being able to play at such a location was an amazing experience. For me being able to play as part of a squad and have tasks to do rather than running solo and with no clear goals in mind was great.  Knowing that another squad depended on you completing your mission and that you were covered by another squad was great. The quality of players at this event was second to none, friendly off the field and most definitely switched on during game play. My experience went from one awesome experience to another and another each seeming to get better and better. Physically I was exhausted after the first evolution but as the second and third and fourth came around the exhaustion was replaced with a great adrenaline dump and eagerness to experience more. Engaging enemies from 2 feet to 200+ feet was awesome and sometimes painful. I did enjoy seeing how the old tactics I knew have been improved on as well as equipment; I think I will be updating my kit soon. I cannot wait till FG 3 next year as well as going to play at other Milsim events next year. If you have never gone to a National Milsim event, I highly recommend going, it will be a super experience that is hard to rival.