Sub-Load – The Primary Line

I have received a lot of questions as to how I set up my battle belt. Before I get into it, let me tell you why I set it up the way I do. As most of you know, I like to set my gear up really streamline, low profile, and efficient. By having rifle magazine pouches located on my battle belt, I will increase my reload speed. I talked about my plate carrier on my last article, so this article will be focusing on my sub-load, my battle belt.

My battle belt serves a lot of functions: it holds my rifle magazine, pistol magazines, emergency medical supplies, my tools, and my secondary. Whenever I run my battle belt, which is 98% of the time, it will be my primary ammunition source. In some cases where speed is critical, I would just ditch my plate carrier and only wear my battle belt since it has all the necessary equipment. However, there are times (although very rare) that I will run just a plate carrier and a drop leg holster, because I know that I would not be using my handgun. But anyway, here you go on how I set up my sub-load.

Starting from the left, I have a triple pistol magazine pouch with Kydex insert from Tactical Tailor. The reason why I chose Tactical Tailor is the fact that a lot of tactical nylon companies in the firearm industry only produce magazine pouches for specific types of magazines. For instance, pouches usually are designed either for the single stack magazines or double stack magazines. Since I shoot both the 1911 and a Glock, having a single stack magazine pouch won’t fit my Glock, and having a double stack magazine pouch would be too loose for my 1911 magazines. With the Tactical Tailor Triple Pistol Magazine Pouch with Kydex insert, I am able to fit both my Glock and my 1911 magazines in those pouches securely. Since the kydex insert holds the magazines very securely, I do not need the cover for the pouch, therefore, I tuck it away behind the MOLLE and I can put morale patches on the pouch.

I also have 3 High Speed Gear Inc. M4 Taco Pouches. These pouches, in my opinion, are the best rifle magazine pouches I have ever used. They have kydex inserts on the side which help to hold the magazine in tightly. These pouches are so adaptable that they can even fit AK magazines easily. These pouches use malice clips, which is a special plastic piece on the back which you can replace if it breaks. The only thing I do not like about the Taco pouches is the fact that it is a pain in the butt to mount it on to your tactical gear. After doing just one pouch, my fingers were already in pain.

On my back, at the 6 o’clock position, I have my tear away emergency medical pouch where I keep my basic trauma and first aid kit. The pouch is from diamond back tactical, and the tear away platform is from Tactical Tailor. This medical pouch is like any other standard medical pouch, but the reason I mounted it on my 6 o’clock position is that it is not my mission essential equipment. I never been in an actual gun fight, but on the airsoft battlefield, or even at the range, 99% of times I will not need it.

I do not really use my utility pouch that often compared to my ammunition pouch, therefore it is right at my 4 o’clock position. However, since tools are more commonly used on the battlefield, that’s the reason I mounted the utility pouch at a more easily accessible location. Currently mounted on my belt is the Marz Tactical Gear Utility pouch. Marz Tactical has an excellent reputation on producing some of the world’s finest tactical nylon. It is very standard looking utility pouch.

Now to the holster, if you have read my article before, you would know that I am a huge kydex holster fan, and not the flimsy soft nylon holster. I have lost enough magazines to tell you that nylon holsters are really not the ideal platform to use. Kydex Holster companies like G-Code and Safariland, in my opinion, are the 2 best kydex holster companies for direct action. G-Code by far the best holster I have ever used. It is very sturdy, durable, and it fits the specific hand gun that I am using perfectly. Their RTI platform is by far the best platform, where you can change your holster set up less than 5 seconds. For those of you that have multiple pistols, such as yours truly, this is a must have on your gear.

Currently I am running a G-Code RTI Duty Mount and a G-Code adaptor for Safariland holster. I usually run a surefire x300 on my handguns, therefore in my opinion Safariland provides the best holstering option for hand guns with weapon lights. It has a hood and a thumb break system so your gun will be securely holstered. For a no mount option, there is absolutely nothing else but G-Code, as they provide the best mounting solutions and holster options on the market. The perfectly fitted holster will securely hold your sidearms, and if you want extra retention, the XST holster line will include a hood, guaranteeing you that your gun will not fall out during extreme exercise.

If you like my sub-load set up, I have built a very similar set up that you can purchase from Airsoft GI. I highly recommend the PANTAC Battle Belt. Constructed with 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon, this belt will last a very long time. This belt also comes with a suspender system, but in my opinion it’s obsolete. This belt, along with a good inner belt, will be more than enough to hold all your equipment. For the inner belt, I highly recommend the PANTAC Cobra Buckle Belt. The Cobra Buckle is a new type of buckle designed to take on a heavy load.

For the pistol magazine pouches, I recommend the PANTAC Dual .45 Magazine pouch with hard insert. These pouches are very similar to the one I use and you can never go wrong with PANTAC quality. For the rifle magazine pouches, I like the open top M4 pouches from Condor outdoor. The open top configuration allows you to quickly access your magazines since it is your primary source of ammo.

For the medical pouch and Utility Pouch, I chose the PANTAC for both. Like I have mentioned before, PANTAC is top notch quality. These are top notch quality tactical nylon, and they will last for a very long time. Last but no least, the holster. Fortunately, Airsoft GI do carry a lot of G-Code Products that will fit your needs. For the 1911, I chose the XST holster, which comes with the hood for extra weapon retention.

There you have it, I have shown you what I use when I play airsoft and when I am at the range. I have also included a extremely similar build with tactical gear that you can find at Remember, just because it looks good and it works for me, does not mean it will work for you. If you like this set up, be sure to try it out first before spending your hard earned money. I am Andrew, stay safe, and get out and play airsoft!

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  • Dear Andrew

    My name is Matt and I to run a battle belt as a part of my rig I’ve seen many airsofter’s use one and some of my teammates also use them. However I have yet to find a belt that would be a good fit. Reason is I am a small guy, only 5’6″ weighing in at 140 lbs max. The rig I am aiming for is one where my vest and belt do not interfere, now I know I have to find a vest that will be high on my chest and snug. Although that means I will also need a belt that is not bulky and huge. Now to my question I cant help but notice the battle belt you use goes from thinner to wider from the center out. I was wondering what type of battle belt it is you own and where did you buy it, I’m interested in one myself.

  • The one i am currently using is a HSGI Suregrip belt, it is made in North Carolina. if you want something lower profile, try the US Grunt Gear Infidel War belt. But the Pantac belt is just equally as good.

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