Questions About Airsoft Guns


These questions are to help inform the newer players and anyone who is interested in airsoft. We will be concentrating on airsoft guns this time. These are the most asked questions and we are going to answer them!

How many types of airsoft guns are there?

In terms of power, there are three general categories. Electric, Gas, and Spring. In terms of the model of the airsoft gun. Throughout the history of airsoft. There have been many manufacturers that have created almost every real gun on the market. As time goes on and more real guns are invented, I am sure the airsoft version will follow soon after. You can most likely find any gun you are looking for in airsoft, but how many made and are available are the next question.

How to tell what gun an airsoft gun is based on?

As I said in the first question. The model of an airsoft gun is based off of a real firearm counterpart.

How do electric and gas airsoft guns differ?

If this isn’t obvious, electric airsoft guns are powered by a battery. When the trigger is pulled, it will send power to a motor that will spin a set of gears that pulls a spring loaded piston. When the piston is pulled back all the way, it will shoot forward. Pushing the BB out of the barrel. Gas airsoft guns are powered have a pressurized system. Typically green gas is the airsoft propellant of choice. You use it similar to a butane lighter to fill the magazine. When you pull the trigger, a hammer strikes the release valve of the pressurized magazine. The gas will be released into the blow back housing of gun. This will propel the BB out of the barrel and push the slide/bolt backwards to load another BB to shoot.

Tenergy 11.1v stick with Deans plug inserted in a Classic Army Nemesis tube
Tenergy 11.1v stick with Deans plug inserted in a Classic Army Nemesis tube

What are the differences between a BB gun and an Airsoft gun?

This is a really important question! People who do not know about airsoft will typically lump it together with BB guns. This is in part due to the name of the ammunition being the same name. Airsoft guns shoot a non lethal plastic 6mm pellet. BB Guns shoot a much smaller 4.5 mm/0.177 pellet that is usually made of some type of metal. These are meant for target shooting and rodent control. BE CAREFUL! If you plan on purchasing a BB Gun, please be aware of your local laws!

What is the most realistic airsoft gun?

The most realistic airsoft guns would have to be Gas Blowback Airsoft Guns. These types of airsoft guns will mimic their real firearm counter part very well. Including the ammo capacity, weight, bolt/slide cycle, and the manipulation of the gun. There are electric guns that have similar functions like the KWA RM4 ERG 3.0 and the Tokyo Marui Next Generation Recoil Shock that have an electric recoil system and last round cut off feature that make the manipulation more realistic.
I hope this blog helps answer some questions. If you have a question, comment and we will answer yours! Our goal is to help airsoft grow and keep our sport/hobby alive!

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