New Socom Gear Product Coming! Cheytac M200

The Cheytac M200 Intervention rifle by SOCOM Gear is fully licensed and the only true 1:1 scale replica in the airsoft market. Much like its real counterpart this rifle is second to none. Often imitated but never duplicated.

The real Cheytac M200 is a bolt action .408 caliber long range sniper rifle. Although smaller than a .50 caliber round the .408 does in fact have more long range kinetic energy vs. the .50 caliber round making it a much more devastating platform for longer distance shots. Combined with Cheytac’s world famous ballistics calculator and software the M200 delivers an unmatched weapons platform for both superior power and accuracy at distances beyond a mile.

The SOCOM Gear M200 follows the real Cheytac closely featuring a full metal design combined with both steel and aluminum parts. This rifle is not for the light hearted, tipping the scales at 17lbs (unloaded and without scope) this rifle is for serious players only. This version however is not .408 caliber but instead powered by green gas (or propane) and uses the 8mm caliber round (bb) as it’s projectile. The steel magazine has a 7 round capacity and uses .408 caliber size dummy rounds. Each .408 dummy round holds one 8mm round in the tip. Just like the real thing, SOCOM Gear M200 is a bolt action rifle, fire a round, cycle the bolt, and chamber another round. Each time that the bolt is cycled the dummy .408 cartridge is ejected.

Notable features:

· Fully licensed by Cheytac and features engraved trademarks

· True 1:1 scale (don’t be fooled by imitators, SOCOM Gear is the ONLY true 1:1 scale M200)

· Steel bolt, bipod, magazine, and stock

· Detailed bolt for extreme authenticity and realism and is also removable

· Uses both green gas or propane (C02 bolt coming soon)

· Full adjustable stock and folding monopod

· Heavyweight aluminum barrel, chassis, and forend

· Shell ejecting design for extreme realism

· Shoots 8mm BBs for max power and range

· Authentic fluted barrel

· Authentic .408 style PGRS-1 muzzle brake

· Steel .408 box magazine with spring and follower (1:1 scale and correct spec), 7 round capacity

· Steel folding bipod with authentic markings

· Reinforced carry handle with oversized bolts for extreme build quality

· Picatinny rail allows for installation of any optic

· Uses real steel spec grips, easily drop in any s

tyle AR grip

· Fully adjustable hop-up

What’s in the box:

· SOCOM Gear licensed Cheytac M200

· 1 gas bolt (suitable for green gas or propane)

· 1 steel magazine

· 1 monopod and collapsible stock assembly

· 5 .408 caliber size dummy shells (1 8mm bb per shell)

· Detailed instructional manual / handbook

· SOCOM Gear limited edition hard case with soft interior for rifle preservation

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