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The Mutinous Creations team.

Mutinous Creations is a company that specializes in custom paintjobs on airsoft guns and accessories, custom t-shirts, custom patches, custom engravings, and custom stickers. Based in Victorville California, Mutinous Creations are very accessible because they are at the Desert Fox Airsoft Field weekly (for pick up/delivery). Although the company is small, it has tremendous potential and a very promising future.

A custom paintjob by Mutinous Creations on a M200 - Courtesy from Mutinous Creations

I had the honor of meeting the owner of Mutinous Creations, Bri, when the entire Airsoft GI Marketing Team went to Gardena, California to check out the new Desert Fox CQB indoor field (I will do another article on this new field laterJ). Bri was kind enough to let me interview her at the location, and she gave me a lot of specific details on how her company operates.

Custom Engraving by Mutinous Creations.

Mutinous Creations was founded in October 2011. The company’s initial focus was on custom paintjobs for airsoft guns. However, since the demand is high, Mutinous Creations has expanded to produce custom t-shirts, stickers, engravings, and patches.

Mutinous Creations can create custom patches and custom logo painted on to your airsoft guns/gear!

Mutinous Creations’ main focus is custom paintjobs on airsoft guns and tactical gear (masks, etc). The company actually owns a professional paint booth to ensure your paintjobs are as perfect as they can be. The paint booth has static paper so the booth has a dust free environment. The artist has full control of the conditions (ventilation, temperature, humidity, etc) to ensure the paintjob is perfect.

Another perfection from Mutinous Creations

Mutinous Creations use automotive paint on most of their custom paint jobs, because if you look at your car, the paint is tough and long lasting. Mutinous Creations then applies a layer of flat clear paint to further protect the paintjob. All custom paintjobs are designed from scratch, so there are no set patterns; every paintjob is genuine and unique.

Bri air brushed this ACU pattern from stratch!

If you have an airsoft team and would like custom t-shirts, patches, and stickers, Mutinous Creations is your solution. Unlike other companies, Mutinous Creations does not require minimum order quantities on your custom T-Shirts/Patches/Stickers. The prices are also very reasonable! The current lead time is about a week. To get started, check out Mutinous Creations at or email Mutinous Creations at [email protected] or call 760-221-0979. Make sure to check out and “like” their facebook page, because they have giveaways constantly. I am Andrew, stay sharp, and get out and play airsoft.

Mutinous Creations custom Multicam paintjob on an AUG - SMART!

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