Lancer Tactical MK18 Follow Up

Lancer Tactical MK18 has proven itself to be more reliable than we think!

If you have read the previous Lancer Tactical Mk18 article, you would know that couple weeks ago, our head technician opened up a Lancer Tactical MK18. He examined the internals, and performed an upgrade to it to make it more reliable. A few days ago, Aaron performed a stress test on the gun, and was surprised by how well the gun held up. He opened up the gear box after the test, and was further surprised by how robust the internals are.

Aaron said, “sup brah!”

Aaron is on the Airsoft GI Marketing team. He is the lead technical support for the marketing department. Aaron has been “air-smithing” since 2008. He has a lot of experience under his belt, and he knows A lot about almost all airsoft guns, inside and out.

Aaron used a 10.8v battery for the test. He loaded 10 850 round magazines and just held down on the trigger. Aaron ran through all 10 of the 850 round magazines in a matter of minutes. He fired total of 8500 BBs. The Lancer Tactical MK18 did not have any problem handling this kind of abuse. At the end, the gun kept on running until the motor connection came undone, due to the excessive amount of recoil/vibration.

The Sector Gear showed little to no wear after the stress test.
The Spur Gear shows no signs of wear and tear!
The pinion gear showed very minimal wear and tear after the test.

After returning to the office, Aaron opened up the gear box and began the diagnostic. The first thing Aaron noticed was the pinion gear. The pinion gear seemed to have very minimal wear; there was no excessive damage to the pinion gear. The pinion gear showed Aaron that the quality of the pinion gear is on par with regular-high end AEGs. The bevel gear also had little to no wear at all. The spur and sector gears also showed no signs of wear and tear. Lastly, the piston showed signs of wear on the very last tooth. However, it is extremely common to have wear on the last tooth.

The Bevel Gear had little to no wear!
The Piston has some wear at the very last teeth, but held up very well!

Overall, Aaron and the rest of the Airsoft GI staff are very impressed by the performance of the Lancer Tactical MK18. Although the entire gun is built of plastic and is solid, the internals held up to the test. Despite the complete plastic external, the Lancer Tactical MK18 can easily out perform other Chinese manufacturers. Check out the Lancer Tactical Sport Class series at I am Andrew, Stay sharp, and get out and play airsoft.


P.S. Since you guys complained that it is too easy to find the hidden word for “the phrase that pays”, I am not going to give you guys hints this article. Happy hunting airsofters!



The hidden word is actually a 4 letter acronym.

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