KWA SR10 – The True Gun Fighter’s Airsoft Carbine

I have been in the airsoft community for over 7 years. Traditionally when I first started airsoft, AEGs (Airsoft Electric Gun) were not quite up to speed right out of the box. I found myself upgrading them, piece by piece, from internal to external. Over time, I had developed a mindset that all stock guns are not great, and they have to be upgraded in order to perform to my expectations.

I remember when I first purchased my Tokyo Marui M4A1 Carbine. After the first week having it, I spent $140 dollars on an FTK (Full Tune-up Kit) in order to make it shoot at 400 FPS. After that, I spent about $110 on an MBK (Metal Body Kit), since stock Tokyo Maruis come with plastic receivers. I also purchased a one piece metal outer barrel due to the fact that the stock barrel is an unstable two-piece design. Last but not least, I purchased a rail system. At the end, I spent over $500 just to make the gun shoot the way I wanted, and look the way I liked.

The Better Right-Out-of-the-Box Idea

I began to search for an AEG that was good right out of the box. However, as a college student (5 years ago), it was extremely difficult for me to test out every single airsoft gun on the market. Reading reviews and doing research is not as satisfying as the actual testing of the gun. Luckily for me, the only job that I applied, hired me two weeks after I submitted my application. My Airsoft GI journey began in 2007.

The purpose of a better right out of the box gun does not necessarily mean you save money. The purpose is to give the end user a high performance airsoft carbine right-out-of-the-box. The end users do not have to purchase any upgrade parts but purchase essential accessories instead. There are a lot of cheap AEGs which also shoot high FPS on the market already.  For me, a better right-out-of-the-box gun must have top notch reliability and durability. The gun must shoot a certain FPS, and of course, it must be aesthetically pleasing.

After 6 months of working at Airsoft GI, KWA AEGs started to surface in the airsoft market. The KWA M4A1 Carbine entered the airsoft market on October, 2007. Most airsofters would agree with me that KWA makes the best performing gas blowback pistols to date. However, I felt a little bit sketchy because the KWA M4A1 Carbine was their first line of AEGs, and their specialty is on gas blowback pistols, not electric rifles.

I began extensive testing on first generation KWA M4A1 Carbines. Needless to say, I was only somewhat impressed. Although their gears are superb, the gearboxes seemed to overstress. In cold weather, the gun would start to have issues. It did however out perform all stock AEGs on the market.

However, KWA stepped up on their part, and came out with the brand new 2GX gear box. The gears are the best on the market, even better than most aftermarket gear sets. Their gear boxes are also great. The 2GX gear boxes are LIPO ready right out of the box, so you as the consumer do not have to upgrade any part of the gun. The 2GX M4A1 shot 400 fps right out of the box, it comes with metal body, and 1 piece metal outer barrel.


KWA came out with a very combat effective line of airsoft guns for the airsoft market a few years ago, and Airsoft GI’s mission was to give the user feed back on out of the box ready to use carbine for extreme use. We went out and did a distance test and a rate of fire test to show you how superior the KWA KM4 SR-10 is.  

The KWA KM4 SR-10 is a 16 inch carbine with a 10 inch RIS system to accommodate your shooting accessories. The outer barrel is a one piece full metal outer barrel and the inner barrel is 6.05mm diameter. The receiver, both upper and lower, are full metal, therefore they are virtually indestructible. The SR-10 comes with a 6 position crane stock and is able to fit a 9.6v 1600mah and 11.1v LiPo batteries in it.

The metal receivers on the KWA SR-10 come with custom KWA trademarks, with a unique serial number on each one. The KWA SR-10 is so realistic that it has a gas block and a gas tube. The front and rear sights on the KWA SR-10 are fixed, but fully adjustable in terms of windage and elevation. Last but not least, the KWA SR-10 comes with an ambidextrous sling attachment points for 1 point slings.

Range Test

Before this article was written, we put the KWA SR-10 to a range test. We set up the range test from 10 yards (30ft), 35 yards (105ft), and 65 yards (195 ft). The main thing we were looking for is the grouping. The KWA SR-10 had no problem hitting at 65 yards (195 ft), but it does take some skill in order to do so. All tests were done with KSC 0.25g bbs.

Aaron prepares for the range test on the SR10

At 10 yards (30ft), the KWA SR-10 had no problem making a tight grouping. Aaron was able to shoot a 2 inch grouping. At 35 yards, Aaron was able to get a 4 inch grouping out of the KWA SR-10 with KSC .25g bbs. I was surprised when we are able to hit 65 yards (195 feet) with a 7 ½ inch grouping. However, Aaron showed no sign of surprise, due to the fact that he has been playing airsoft for quite some time now.


The KWA KM4 SR-10 is definitely one of the top of the line airsoft guns on the airsoft market. It is good enough for players to get out and play immediately. The KWA KM4 SR-10 is LiPo ready, without any further modifications. The accuracy and range of the KWA SR-10 exceeded our expectations. Priced at $385, it features full metal receivers, a 1 piece outer barrel, and a 10 inch RIS system.KWA also provides a 45 day warranty if the gun is giving you trouble. The KWA SR-10 is really the best right-out-of-the-box airsoft gun.

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  • is the sr7 devgru perform just as good as the sr10? because i’m saving up to get that one because it has a lower fps and shorter barrel. a response would be awsome, thanks!

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