CM050A Full Metal PMC AK!

Over the last few months, I have seen numerous “critiques” about Airsoft GI showing no love to the Kalash community. I am here today to prove them wrong, and to show our love to the Kalash community.

G&G Full Metal/Real Wood AK47!

The AK 47 is truly a weapon of mass destruction; it causes the most death in this world compare to any other weapon system. Just like the famous instructor, Travis Haley, mentioned, there is over a hundred million AK47 or variant of the AK 47 manufactured in the world today.  It’s used by over 50 legitimate standing armies and militaries around the world. If you ask me, the AK platform is pretty bad ass.

The WE Full Metal AK74UN Gas Blow Back

In the world of airsoft, the AK platform can be found in two operating types; Electric Operated and Gas Blowback Operated. The electric versions of the AK platform are more popular and practical, but the Gas Blowback platforms are slowly becoming the choice of serious airsofters.

Gas Blowback Operated

WE Full Metal AK74UN Gas BlowBack

The WE AK74 UN gas blowback rifle is the best value gas blowback AK in the Airsoft market. Priced at about $320, the WE Full metal AK74UN is really more bang for your buck! As its stated in the name, The WE Full metal AK74UN has a full metal construction (with the exception of the hand guard and the pistol grip). One of the unique features which the WE AK74UN comes with is the enhanced selector. The enhanced selector allows the operator to manipulate the fire selector with the trigger finger.

The WE Full Metal AK74UN has a enhanced selector, which can act as a bolt catch!

The take down of the WE Full Metal AK74UN is identical to the real AK. Since it is gas blowback operated, the gun generates a good amount of recoil. The internals of the gun also resemble the real AK platform.

The WE AK74UN is an open bolt design

Electric Operated

THe G&G AK47 is truly an art!

The G&G AK47 in my opinion is the best full metal and real wood electric AK47 in the airsoft market. The entire gun feels extremely solid. The G&G AK47 breaks down like the real AK, and it has superb internals. The gear box is a Ver. 3 gear box, and the internals are reinforced. For the price of $310.00, it’s truly the best electric AK on the airsoft market.

Although the G&G AK47 is an AEG, it does contain a very realistic bolt.

The Cyma CM050A is another airsoft AK platform which offers great value. Priced at just under $200, the Cyma CM050A AK PMC comes with a wire folding stock and a RAS unit, for mounting lights, lasers, optics, and other shooting accessories. Sine it has a wire stock, the battery is located on the top, using a stick type battery. So if you like the private military contractor look on your AK, the CM050A is the perfect choice for you!

The CM050A is the choice of airsofters who like to play the badass PMC!

If you are sick of the M4/M16 routine and would like to try out another weapon platform, you must try out the AK platform. The AK platform has seriously been misunderstood in the western culture. Until next time, I am Andrew, stay sharp, and get out and play airsoft.

End of the world set up!

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  • It’s my understanding that people think that airsoft gi doesn’t love their AK 47s because they don’t create any custom AK 47s or feature them in very many pictures. While you have a beautiful line up of M4 and M16 variants, you lack series of custom guns that have a different model for the base “gun.” It’s obviously very economical and beneficial for you guys to use the G&G M4 kits that you can buy to create great guns for an affordable price. Unfortunately, you effectively leave out other gun models which could entice a larger group of people into buying custom guns. The critiques that you are reading are not saying that airsoft gi lacks a variety of AK 47s for sale, they’re saying that airsoft gi doesn’t do as much with the AK 47s as they do with the M4s and M16s. If you really care so much about bringing the AK fans to airsoft gi, you should do the same thing with them that you do with the M4s and M16s. If you show them off as much as M4s and M16s and start making a AK series of custom guns I’m sure that those same critics will be more than pleased to see the turn around.

    I’m also aware that the AK 47 doesn’t have nearly as many custom options and it doesn’t have a great starter gun for making a custom AK 47. While G&G offers a base M4 without a hand guard and sights, it doesn’t offer AK 47s without hand guards and the such. It would be very hard for airsoft gi to create custom AKs that lived up to the effectiveness of the G4 series but still stayed in the same price range.

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