Important Information Regarding the Magpul PTS Masada from Spartan Imports

Black metal flash hiders were not included with the Magpul PTS ACR’s being distributed and retailed in the US in order to fully comply with US Customs import regulations.

The airsoft Magpul PTS ACR Masada was designed to be as authentic to the actual ACR as possible including the replication of the barrel quick change interface.  Due to manufacturing tolerances, some of these assemblies can exhibit slight barrel movement.  Exhaustive quality control checks were performed on PTS ACR’s before shipping from the factory.  Only those ACR’s found with slight barrel movement but within acceptable manufacturing specification had lock ring washers included with the gun.  If the gun did not come with these washers, it was determined that they were not needed during the quality control inspection.  However, it is possible that some guns with wobble was missed during inspection.  If the customer does encounter this, we will provide our dealers with the lock washers for the customers that are determined to need them.  The reason why lock washers were not automatically included with ACR is because installing these on ACRs that exhibit no barrel wobble may in fact damage the gun.

The end user customer may also contact Spartan Imports directly via our warranty program.  For warranty submission details and conditions, the customer should read the Spartan Warranty Card included with their ACR or visit

Additionally, some customers have been cracking their handguards due to using improper tools to remove the retaining pin.  The customer needs to use the included dummy bullet to push the handguard pin out.  We will be including further written warnings regarding this issue in future shipments of ACR’s.  Magpul PTS will be reinforcing that part of the handguard in future shipments.  In the meantime, for the customers that purchased their ACR’s from our recent initial shipments, we will, in cooperation with Magpul PTS, temporarily extend our warranty to cover their broken handguards.

Thank you,

E. Sung

Spartan Imports

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