Google+ Giveaway Sniper Rifle Edition

Want to the win the gun in this picture? Follow these easy steps!

giveaway_gplusClick here for more info on gun.

1.) Log into or create a Google+ Account.

2.) Go to our Google+ page & write a review about your experiences with Airsoft GI! We just want to hear your opinions about us! The review can be positive… negative… neutral… we just want your honest thoughts.

3.) At the bottom of your review, please leave an e-mail we can contact in case you’re the winner!

Deadline: April 18th, 2014

Airsoft GI is always growing as a company, and part of that grown is listening to our customers and viewers. Thank you for participation.

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3 Replies to “Google+ Giveaway Sniper Rifle Edition”

  • I think AirsoftGi is awesome this is the first place I went to and the only place I go to get my Airsoft stuff if I had to tell someone a good Airsoft store it would be AirsoftGi! 20/10

  • Airsoftgi is an awesome website!!! I was just starting Airsoft and the people from Airsoftgi were so helpful, prices are great and I didn’t have to spend a lot also my order came quickly!!! [email protected]

  • Bought my scar love it. First time buyer will buy from again for sure. Love the website, it’s easy to shop through. Actually looking at buying some more product!

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