Contour Wearable HD Camcorder Series – Firearms Training Tools

Contour HD Camcorder

Over the last decade cameras and video cameras have become progressively more pervasive in our society. More recently we have seen the release and wide spread use of wearable / POV cameras such as the Contour Wearable HD Camcorder series. The primary advantage of such cameras being their hands free nature enables the user to film their activity from their own point of view whether that be snowboarding, skydiving, scuba diving, airsofting, etc.

I am not personally active in terms of social media so I do not have a strong outlet (or desire) to share what I do on film. However, there is an aspect of such cameras I find useful. When it comes to firearms training having a second pair of eyes (or a camera lens) can be helpful. A Contour Wearable HD Camcorder can be used to review a shooters performance from behind the gun from the shooter’s perspective.

Despite being the one behind the gun, looking down the sights, I have learned there are unconscious habits that can develop that can go unseen. For example, I had a bad habit of unconsciously shifting my grip on my pistol after each shot which increased my time between shots and overall time when shooting pistol match stages. Something I probably would not have noticed had another shooter not pointed it out to me. That is a situation in which training with a Contour Wearable HD Camcorder or similar camera would have been advantageous. By going back and looking at footage of myself shooting I could have evaluated my overall performance and possible identified an individual problem in my performance.

Keep in mind I am referring to training with real firearms and IMO a head mounted camera would give the user a better view to evaluate themselves but below is an example of a Contour HD Camcorder in action.

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