The Arsenal – Zach’s Scratch Built MK18 Mod 1

Zach here. Check the vid below to see a run down on my “go-to” gun, my MK18 Mod 1. Included below will be links to products that I added to this rifle over time to increase the reliability, performance and feel of my airsoft gun to get out of it exactly what I wanted.

For those curious, the batteries I use are 11.1v lithium polymer batteries of varying MAH ratings. The battery fits inside the buffer tube with the rear wiring and connector all in place. The base external build for this gun was a Cybergun Licensed King Arms Colt M4A1.

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Game Type Ideas: The Spring Game

Continuing with pushing game type ideas to the masses, we have a new post today to demonstrate a simplistic game for players of all ages and experience levels regardless of the replica you may be able to acquire.

Get out and play and chose the game type that works best for you

TK with a group of guys for a day of games at VA local field, XZONE!

As always, these game types are just basic suggestions and you and your friends can tailor each game play idea to create it your own.
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Best High End AEG? We Have Some Contenders

A competitively priced, high end AEG used to mean a $500 price tag and up with modification still needed to achieve the desired results. This was back when rail systems hadn’t fully caught on, however. Back when Airsoft in the U.S. was still fairly young. As time continued to press forward, we saw many companies rise to the demand of the players from around the globe and prices begin to get lower as components and capabilities began to sync up at an impressive level.

The Contenders:

There are many incredible brands out there that make fantastic high end AEGs. Some of note are Krytac, Elite Force, VFC, Classic Army, King Arms, Tokyo Marui, KWA, and G&G. As we have progressed, many of these lines have stepped up their game to put out as much technological advancement in to their series as possible. For now, we are going to cover three of these: Krytac, Elite Force, and Classic Army.
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Game Type Ideas: Fox in the Chicken Coop

You don’t always need to go to fields to have a great time with airsoft or get an exciting game type. A lot of times you can get the same enjoyment from setting up private games with your friends wherever able. Especially for those of you who don’t have the necessary fields close by to deliver standing game play. I know that as much as we love our local fields, it isn’t always viable for us to get to them.

Game Type and gameplay from ACVT crew

The old crew from the Airsoft Club at Virginia Tech

So in today’s blog post, and more blog posts to come, we will share game type ideas to help get more diversity in to your airsoft experience. This is a game type that I first played with my group of friends while studying in college and playing at a local area the National Parks service granted us to play on (as long as we informed them prior to our trips out).

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After Action Report for Augusta Airsoft

Photo courtesy of Augusta Airsoft LLC

Our crowd from the day of the After Action Report

Written by Virginia resident and son of Odin, MarcusĀ  “Thor” Olsson, is his After Action Report for Augusta Airsoft, LLC. A frequent player to Ballahack Airsoft in Chesapeake, Virginia, all-around great guy, and a pillar of the airsoft community for Virginia.


The owner at Augusta Airsoft sent me an invitation to come out and play at his field located in Stuarts Draft, VA several months ago. I was finally able to make it out there yesterday…Below is my review of my experience going to and playing airsoft at Augusta Airsoft, LLC. Along with some information about the field…

For those that use navigation equipment, just punch in 152 Johnson Drive, Stuarts Draft, VA and that will get you there. For me…I live in Hampton, VA so it was just under a three (3) hour drive for me. Convenience stores and gas stations are close by the field just up the main drive and within just a few miles of the field located on the main highway.

Information About the Field:

Hours of Operation are Saturdays from 12:30PM to 5:00PM and Tuesdays from 5:30PM to 7:30PM (Rain or Shine)
Admission is $20.00 on Saturday and $10.00 on Tuesday
Rentals are $10.00

You can call (540) 470-8713 or email [email protected] for additional information or check out their website at

They also have a FaceBook page where they post photos, updates and information about their upcoming events.

I highly recommend anyone planning to go to Augusta Airsoft, LLC that you check out their website. There you will find their safety rules and requirements posted, as well as an electronic waiver that you must sign before you go out to the field. There is also other information so again check out their website before heading out there.

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