Top 5 Bad Habits in Airsoft and Why You Should Break Them

We all have bad habits, let’s be honest. Today, we’re going to do something about it. From using garbage grade BBs in your guns to being stingy with the eye protection you buy, we’re going to cover the top five bad habits you need to quit right away. If you’re doing any of these, cut it out. If you have a battle buddy who is guilty, send him this article. Friends don’t let friends be bad airsofters.

If you have any of these bad habits, you should stop them right away.
Its a pretty self-explanatory sign.

1. Using Cheap BB’s, The Worst of the Bad Habits:

We’ve all been there. When you have to be a six millimeter baller on a budget, you have to scrape the bottom of the barrel when it comes to buying BBs. Cut it out. Cut that garbage out of your life right now. You need cheap BBs less than you need to order seven Big Macs at the drive through.  Plan for these sorts of things, and make use of bulk buy coupons, or be more conservative with your shooting on the field. Using cheap bb’s seems like it’s a great cost saver in the short term, however, it will lead to damage in your gun costing you infinitely more in the long term. When you look at the numbers, you’ll save money buying the high quality BBs.

Bad BBs are Bad and you should feel Bad.
Bad BBs will break in your gun and will cause catastrophic failures.

2. Wall Chargers. Just Don’t Do it:

While we’re on the subject of saving money, take the wall wart that came with your gun and chuck it in the trash. Smart chargers have come down significantly in cost over the years, so there is no excuse not to buy a proper smart charger for your guns. Wall chargers are inherently dumb, and overcharge your batteries. This leads to overheating which leads to dead batteries. Do the right thing. You’ve spent a lot of hard earned money on your BB gat, make sure you protect your investment in your batteries as well.

Wall chargers can be dangerous. They may come with the gun for free, but free is not always desirable.
Wall chargers are as basic as they come. No control over the energy dispersed and no guarantee that they will work past the first use.

3. Quit Leaving Your Battery Plugged In:

Let’s talk about protecting those investments a bit more. Besides using a junk charger, leaving your batteries plugged in is the next quickest way to kill a battery deader than Dracula with a bad habit. For the love of the spherical plastic we all shoot at each other, unplug your batteries! When you finish playing for the day, unplug your batteries. When you put your gun away, unplug your batteries. Leaving your batteries plugged into most guns will slowly drain them, which can cause all manner of damaging effects. It takes so little time and effort. Why waste money on purchasing batteries more than you have to? Do you want to make yourself so broke you have to resort to the big box store brand bbs? Stop it.

Leaving your batteries plugged in while not in use is a surefire way to cause a problem.
Don’t kill your battery, dude…

4. Seriously, Empty Your Magazines:

You’re already buying junk BBs because you burn through batteries faster than a Samsung Galaxy Note 7; don’t kill your magazines too. Empty those bad boys after you’re done slinging plastic for the day. Shoot your last few shots, or dump it on the ground, just don’t leave those springs compressed. Magazines get expensive when you have to buy a new box every month. Staying up watching the entire extended cut Lord or The Rings trilogy so that you can clean and decompress your magazines is also an incredible headache. This is a bad habit so many airsofters have and they all need to break it immediately.

A look in to the PTS EPM magazine with a clear shell.
Damaged or weakened springs in your magazine can cause jams or feeding issues. Best to unload them to keep the springs in top condition.

5. Quit Being a Cheapskate on Eye Pro:

Now that your gun is working because you’ve started following the rest of our advice, you need to make sure your eye protection can take the hits. You’re going to get shot in the face. Accept it. It happens to even the most top tier elite Youtube celebrity airsofters. Don’t go blind because you skimped on one of the most important parts of your kit. Good anti-fog goggles can be had for a low cost, and with all the money you’re saving because you aren’t blowing out your magazines and batteries at every turn or killing your gun with cheap BBs, it should be a non-issue. You can’t replace eyeballs yet, because Minority Report was a mediocre Tom Cruise movie (and a horrible TV show) and not real. Protect your eyes. Get the good stuff.

Don't cheap out on your eye-wear when it comes to airsoft. It could cost you a lot more than a new set of lenses.
Eyes can cost a lot of money to replace. Good eye protection is worth its weight in gold compared to a new eye.

Bonus Round: Noob Tubes

If you’re going to put a grenade launcher on your gun, for the love of the Bloop Gun God, USE IT AS MORE THAN A COOL GUY PAPERWEIGHT! That M203 is a great implement for clearing rooms, throwing up a bath of indirect fire, and scaring the turd on the brink of expulsion right out of the pants of the guy on the other side of that bit of cover. The key is using them. If you drop the bones on the tube, make sure to pick up and charge a few of those shells for use in a game. Otherwise adding that weight to your gun does you less good than those 7 Big Macs you ordered in the drive thru.

All that weight isn’t doing you any favors if you don’t have any food for those tubes.

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