PSA: How Mystery Boxes Work

Dave from the Texas store has a quick PSA for you about how our Mystery Boxes work! Check out the video below to get the lowdown on how you can score great deals worth way more than you’re paying!


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The Arsenal – Dave’s Echo 1 Platinum M16 MILSIM Blaster

GITV Uncut has a brand new video series for you called “The Arsenal”, covering some of the staff at our store’s personal armories. Dave has opted to be the first one to cover one of his guns, his Echo 1 Platinum M16. Check out the video below and see how Dave kitted out his favorite blaster!

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Cisco’s Top 5 New Player Mistakes

Cisco from the California store has been playing airsoft for a bit now, and with that experience comes knowledge. Today, he’s got a nice little breakdown on some advice we all wish someone had given us when we started playing. From things we’ve learned the hard way, to advice we’ve all grown to give the new players we meet along the way, check out the video below to see what mistakes you can avoid:

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Guns of the Wildman | Classic Army SR 25

The Texas crew is back with another edition of Guns of the Wildman! In this video series, the team at our Texas location will showcase guns they think would be perfect for Operation: Wildman at D14 Airsoft! This time, Dave is all hyped up over the Classic Army SR-25 and with good reason. Check out the video below, and click past the jump for some more details about this phenomenal semi-automatic sniper rifle option.

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Guns of the Wildman | PTS .308 GBBR

The crazy cowboys down in Texas have started up a new video series leading up to the new Operation: Wildman event at D14 Airsoft in Sanger Texas. This new series, dubbed “Guns of the Wildman” will showcase several guns that would make excellent on-the-field choices for any aspiring airsofter at Operation: Wildman.

In this First Installment, Fish takes you through why he thinks the PTS Mega Arms 308 MML Maten Gas Blowback Rifle is the best possible choice for Wildman. From it’s M-Lok Rail to it’s insane recoil with every shot, this may just be the gun you need to get the most out of your game. For more stats and details, click past the jump!

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