Tech Tips : Inside the Classic Army Micro Gun

Last week, the fine gentlemen of GI’s Texas location decided that an in depth dive into the Classic Army Micro gun was necessary. The best way to find out how something works is to try and take it apart and put it together. Since the Classic Army Micro Gun already arrives disassembled they decided to put it together on camera for you (with a little help from everyone’s favorite TV personality-on-a-t-shirt Bob Ross).

Click past the Jump to see some of our tips on making sure your Micro Gun goes together correctly!
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MILSIM and You | What do you bring?

For a good majority of the airsoft collective, MILSIM (short for Military Simulation) is the holy grail of airsoft experience. This is what you spend every weekend skirmish at your local field building up to! This is why you spend all your hard earned dollars on fancy new gear and airsoft guns! We all know what you’ll need to hit the field, but what about some other essentials? Let’s take a look and see what else you’re going to need.

This list isn’t all inclusive, but click the “read more” link, to see what we think are MILSIM essentials:

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Field Chatter | ARP9 for new Best SMG

The ARP-9 by G&G Armament occupies an interesting space in the airsoft market. It is designed to offer close quarters battle options to players who want the ergonomics of an AR-15 but don’t want to own “just another M4” while simultaneously trying to combat the more expensive offerings from competing brands. This gun was one of the stand-out new showings from G&G at SHOTshow 2017 as well, garnering a ton of hype and curiosity, but just how good is it? How does it compare to some of its direct competition? We had to know, and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

arp9 g and g airsoft gun aeg smg

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Field Chatter | E&L M4’s – Not Just Another M4

Every time a new M4 model airsoft gun gets reviewed, the entire internet gets the same reaction.

“Oh, it’s just another M4, why do we care?”

What does it take for a gun to be more than just “another M4”? Is it performance or external quality? Is it some new hot shot feature like recoil or last round locking? To me that answer isn’t an easy one to nail down. What sets the E&L M4 apart from everything else is its attention to quality and performance.

e&l mk18 e and l m4 airsoft gun
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Field Chatter | Krytac Vector for Best SMG 2017

Very rarely does a gun so fully encapsulate the attention span of the airsoft community in the way the Krytac Vector has done. From when it was first unveiled in January of 2016, to now as it’s release looms upon us (and some lucky preorder customers already have theirs in hand) the entirety of the airsoft hive brain has been locked in on this awesome game changing replica. We wanted to know what makes this gun such a hot ticket item. Is it because the style is so unique? Could it be the performance possibilities that have us all so intrigued? Hit up the “Continue Reading” link below to find out.

vector aeg krytac kriss

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