Top 5 Bolt Guns For Airsoft Social Distancing Under $120

So You Want To Social Distance With a Bolt Gun…

We get it. Covid-19 is some scary stuff. When the fields re-open, you’re going to have a ton of players hitting the field, which means a target rich environment. What better way to test out sniping? Here are some of our picks to get the most mileage out of some of your stimulus dollars and hit the field with quality and style! Grab your Airsoft Guns and Your Tactical Gear and let’s get into it.


1. Well MB04G SR-22 Type 22 Bolt Action Sniper Airsoft Rifle

Our first option for the sub-$120 crowd is this Well Mb04G. It comes in several colors, so you don’t have to pick the green one, but we chose to feature green to give you some built in camouflage. This gun comes out of the box at 500 FPS, giving you field ready velocity to send rounds down range. Once you’re ready to start tinkering, it takes several different APS2 parts in the barrel and hop up area, as well as the trigger box to give you some upgrade options to make it even better.


3. Classic Army SR40 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Airsoft Rifle

The Second option is one of the best entry level sniper rifle options on the table, the Classic Army SR40. It is regularly available for under $120, sometimes as low as $75 if you can catch a good deal at Airsoft GI’s webstore. It is a mostly-VSR compatible sniper rifle, with the hop-up unit being the notorious outlier for compatibility, and some after market trigger boxes not playing nice. This is not necessarily bad though, as the hop unit itself is definitely really good, and it still takes the same pistons, springs, sears, barrels, and buckings you normally want to put in a gun. It’s lightweight, easy to customize, and shoots great out of the box!


3. Well Spec Ops MB13A APS SR-2 Bolt Action Sniper Airsoft Rifle

The 3rd gun on our list is the Well SpecOps Mb13A! This rifle appeals to the modernist in all of us that wants the features you find on the typical carbine rifle, but bolt-action for long range dominance or the simplicity of a spring system. This gun, like the previous Well rifle in this list takes APS parts as well, making it easy to upgrade. The collapsible stock makes it easy to hold for smaller shooters, Overall, this gun is an awesome option for sub-$120.


4. Well MB4403BBIP L96 Spring Sniper Airsoft Rifle

For those of you who prefer more traditional options, the Well MB4403 is the gun for you! This rifle apes the traditional shape and size of a L96 or Mk96 style rifle, giving you a thumbhole stock to rest your hand on. It actually folds as well, which is useful for storage since this rifle is quite large. A monopod in the stock allows you to really set up your shots if you are target shooting or aiming for precision trying to dial in your scope, though you won’t find much use for it in game. The magazine also uses a feed ramp to push rounds forward into the hop up, allowing you to have a more realistic size and placement of the original magazine, and an extended 40 round capacity to boot!


5. A&K Dragunov SVD-S Spring Sniper Airsoft Rifle

Last up, for our Russian kitlords, we’ve got the A&K Dragunov SVD-S. This modern day Slavic Sniper is perfect for those of you who want something simple and easy to hit the field with, but still have a unique visual style. While this gun is not very upgradeable out of the box, it is very simple and robust, and should last you quite a while. It also gets the distinction for being the most unique rifle on this list. You can’t beat that for under $120!

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