At Airsoft GI We Cover Your 6!

How do I get started?  What’s a good gun for CQB?  How does product X compare to product Y?  How do I attach this sling to this gun?  My gun stopped firing, how can I check it?  What’s new?  I need a gun that I can use both indoors and outdoors?  What is a good battery for this gun?  Will this charger work for all of my batteries?  Is this barrel extension counter clockwise or clockwise?  What’s the difference between a red dot sight and a holographic sight?  Can I use my sights with this face mask?  Do these goggles have different lenses?  Does this gear match my Navy Seal load out?

We understand, airsoft can be confusing sometimes.  We have over 7100 unique products on our website, most of which are made to work with each other or can be used with one another.  That means there are over 50 million possible product permutations!  One of the things that sets Airsoft GI apart from the rest is our dedication to education.  We care about the community, which is why we do things like the Airsoft 101 pamphlets to help educate about the basics of airsoft.  Airsoft GITV is designed to give our customers that don’t live near us a vicarious experience with a product before making the decision to buy.  Our graphics team take detailed photographs of all of our products so you don’t miss a thing when purchasing.  Airsoft GI visited Tac City’s Boot Camp for Kids to help them start off in this great game right way, the safe way.  Our website has a Live Chat Feature where you can chat directly with one of our customer service reps in case you are not near a phone and need to get a hold of us. We do our best to anticipate your needs and present a clear and concise solution.  So remember, the next time you have a curious airsoft thought, think Airsoft GI for your solution.

Here is a tidbit of Airsoft 101, more can be found by clicking the picture, it will take you to the entire Airsoft 101 Page.


Here is Tim’s visit to Tac City during their Bootcamp for Kids:

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