Airsoft Sniping And You: Why You Should Try It Yourself

So You Want To Try Airsoft Sniping…

With the rise of airsoft sniping on YouTube, a whole new generation of Airsoft Players has gotten interested about long range game play. Many are far too scared to ever try it out though! We think airsoft sniping can be a very rewarding and gratifying style of game play everyone should try! The airsoft guns are more affordable than ever, and you’re running out of excuses.


Becoming the Chris Kyle of Airsoft isn’t as hard as many people think. I’ve been known to snipe from time to time at my home field of D14 Airsoft, and despite what many people may think it’s a great field to snipe at. With tons of woods, a huge creek, and lots of long sight lines to cover in the more built up areas, it’s a great location to try and snipe at.


Airsoft Sniping takes skills, but that’s what makes it fun!

Unlike a lot of styles of game play in airsoft, Sniping takes some actual skill to pull off. The barrier to start is pretty low, but mastering this craft is something many players will strive for, but never actually achieve, and that’s the best part!

Being successful at airsoft sniping requires you to master a craft so vastly different from the run-and-gun play style of traditional rifles or sub machine guns, and requires much more stealth than LMG players need, that you can really set yourself apart as a player.

You’ll need to master:

  • Patience
  • Silent Movement
  • Aiming and Trigger Pull
  • Cover and Concealment
  • Reading the Wind

All of these skills are key for success as a sniper, and any one can learn them if you take the time!


It’s even better when you have mixed terrain

D14 Airsoft is a great place to snipe because of the diverse terrain. Many people think sniping is hiding in a bush for hours on end, but that simply isn’t true in airsoft. Sniping takes many forms, from locking down a whole street with precision fire to traditional bush wookie tactics. D14 has tons of great lines to snipe from if you can get clever.

The secret is to quit looking for one size fits all spots that cover the whole field. Smart field designers won’t give players powerful positions like this because they aren’t fun. However, find the spots that are going to cover hot spots on the field for the scenario. Help your team push from one building to the next by covering a long street. Consider cutting off a flanking route or line of retreat off the beaten path and away from the main bulk of the fighting. Airsoft guns don’t shoot a mile, and you’ll need to re-adjust how your brain thinks about sniping, especially if your only reference is video games or movies.


Building  A Decent Bolt Rifle Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

It’s never been more affordable to start sniping in airsoft. With affordable options on the market such as the Classic Army M24 or the JG BAR10 the rifles themselves are very affordable. These guns are perfectly serviceable for medium range play out of the box, and will let you get your feet wet.

From there, you will want to consider upgrades. While you can spend an infinite amount of money tuning your rifle to the peak of performance, if you are willing to take it slow, you can get your rifle shooting well past the competition for pocket change. Consider some basic upgrades like a hop up bucking, a tight bore barrel, and maybe a spring to up your FPS. Once you get those parts in, you can take a look at other parts to improve long term viability and consistency.

There’s no need to go hog wild up front and dump a small fortune into a style of play you are trying out. While it’s the ultimate goal to have a precision nail driver, you can be plenty effective with some minimal upgrades and a budget friendly rifle.


Changing Your Play Style and Kit Can Breathe New Life

We all have our preferences when it comes to how we play. Sometimes that can lead to burn out if you spend your whole airsoft career shooting the same gun on the same field in the same way. Breathe some new life into your favorite hobby by changing up the dynamic. Sniping can give you an opportunity to try a new style of play, and make you flex your skills in other areas. Without a great option for close quarters defense, you’ll find yourself improving and relying on your pistol skills more, or using stealth to stay out of those situations. If you’ve spent every game pulling triggers on full auto platforms, learning to run a bolt gun at distance will absolutely change the way you view the game and how you experience it.

Do yourself a favor, try something new. Who knows? You just might like it!


Want to try your hand? Start here.



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