Airsoft GI $1200 Custom AEG?

When I received word that the techs were issued a challenge to build their dream gun, I knew that I had to do a special segment on at least one of their AEGs. There were 3 techs that entered the challenge and 3 incredible guns were built. Despite the price tag of $1200, all three guns are the best gun that money can buy. They are fully upgraded both internally and externally, and the quality parts are properly installed. These 3 guns remind me of me when I first entered the world of airsoft back in 2006. I spent so much money on my entire airsoft gun collection that I ended up living on the street (figuratively speaking). But it took me a lot of trials and errors to build the perfect gun.

If you are one of those people who has the old school of thought, just buying a stock gun is just not going to cut it. And believe me, I’ve been in your shoes. I purchased a Tokyo Marui standard M4, and the first thing I did was tear apart the internals. I purchased a new gear set, new piston, new gearbox shell, new spring, new cylinder, cylinder head, spring guide, etc. At the end, I realized that I had nothing Tokyo Marui left in my gun anymore. However, my gun was ultra-reliable, and it had a top notch performance. Keep in mind though, as I mentioned before, it took me numerous trails and errors to build this perfect gun.

2 weeks ago, three of the techs, Aaron, Spencer, and Frank, were issued a challenge to build a high performance AEG that would be their ideal custom gun if they had a $1200 budget to work with. Immediately, the 3 techs checked out the parts and guns and went to work. This little friendly competition created some of the most desirable and best performing AEG’s in the airsoft market to date. They consist of high quality parts, both for internal and externals, and of course, they were put together by the best hands and minds that this industry has to offer.

Out of the three guns, the one built by Spencer caught my attention most. Maybe it is the similarity the AEG has with my AR-15. Both my AR15 and Spencer’s Custom feature a Daniel Defense rail system. The gun is very streamlined, very low profile, and does not have other fancy “tacticool” stuff that could weigh you down. Spencer’s design is simple, but yet very ergonomically built, and effective when used on the airsoft battlefield. The gun felt very comfortable when I shouldered it as well. It was designed and built for a modern shooting technique, and therefore it feels extremely natural to me when I am using this rifle.

External Overview

This custom M4 built by Spencer is based on the King Arms Colt Full Metal M4A1. The base gun was already very good in terms of performance and reliability, and this contributed much to his choice. However, to enhance the ergonomics and durability, Spencer installed the Madbull Enhanced LiPo Buffer tube so that a LiPo battery could be fitted into the buffer tube. To further enhance the ergonomics, and to accommodate modern shooting technique, Spencer also installed a Madbull 12” Daniel Defense RIS II. He then removed the standard front sight post and installed a Daniel Defense Low Profile Gas block to make the gun look realistic.  At the rear of the gun, Spencer then installed the Magpul MOE stock to give the stock a higher strength, and increase it’s comfort

when shouldered.

For sight systems, Spencer chose the Bravo AP Mini#2 Red Dot. I love this Red Dot because I have the Aimpoint Micro T1 on my AR-15, and the Bravo AP Mini resembles it a lot. For back up, Spencer also installed the Echo 1 backup sights and the replica battle sight from Troy Industries. Both are excellent choices, for both their looks and functionality. Finally, Spencer put on the Magpul Ladder rail covers to help protect the shooter’s hands from the sharp edges on the RIS unit.

Internal Overview

The external upgrades are impressive, but they are not as impressive as those done internally. For the internals, Spencer swapped out almost every stock part. First, he installed the VFC Mechbox Shell. According to Spencer, the VFC gear box is more precisely milled, and is stronger than other brands on the market. Since Magic Box parts are currently one of the best upgrade parts available to the airsoft industry, Spencer chose to use mostly Magic Box parts for the internal upgrades. Plus, as he noted, the Magic Box parts fit perfectly in the VFC Gear box, especially the bearings.

As I mentioned before, the internals used by Spencer are mostly from Magic Box. These include the 8mm Bearings, cylinder head, Teflon cylinder, M120 Spring, m4 air nozzle, and high conductivity wire. Spencer then installed a Siegetek Revolution Gear Set, which is one of the toughests and highest quality gear sets in the industry. Other internal upgrades include our Airsoft GI POM Piston for ultra long lasting piston life, a Tienley GT40000 Motor for ultra performance, the Modify M4 high Precision Hopup Chamber, and the Prometheus EG 6.03mm inner barrel for ultimate accuracy.

To help make the gun shoot more effectively and efficiently, Spencer installed the Burst Wizard King Kong Burst Mosfet. This little piece of equipment makes the gun handle a lipo battery better, and it protects the trigger switch, preventing it from burning out. Other features which the Burst Wizard comes with are disabling the full auto function, setting full auto delay, and enabling/disabling lipo protection. But the best feature this little mosfet provides is the burst function. Instead of full auto, the burst wizard allows the user to program the burst rate. This means more accurate shots and saved ammo, and better protection your internals from lipo battery damage.

So, this is one of the three ultimate airsoft guns built by our techs. We know this gun is extremely expensive, but this can be expected because it is designed and built for a serious airsofter. This gun is not for amatures or people who are barely starting airsoft. This gun was built with a specific purpose and that is to dominate on the battlefield. When paired with an experienced and skilled airsofter, this gun can do a lot of damage out on the battlefield. But don’t just take my word for it, if you have the money, purchase one and you surely won’t be disappointed. That’s it for now, I am Andrew, Stay safe, and get out and play airsoft.

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