A message from Madbull: MadBull ACE and PWS – Buffer Tubes and Stock Bases

New video from Madbull:

Use high performance stock-fit LiPO tubes to power up your AEG.

Mad Bull Licensed ACE Buffer Tube model M4-7 and PWS are fully licensed.

This incredible new design allows for easy storage for your lipoly battery. No longer do you need to use a battery box, battery pouch, or any other style external battery option.

This completely new design takes in essence the previous designs and takes it to the next level with several new features. The end cap no longer needs a small screw to remove which can take extra crucial playing time. It now simply just twists off for quick access to your battery!

Fits any buffer tube lipos and fits best with the Mad Bull Lipo and SOCOM Gear Lipo type.

*Remember that the back of the lower receiver must be cut to 25mm for installation of any lipo tube and crane stock setup. Lipo and sling swivel not included.

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