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Month: July 2014

AAR | Assault on Antioch Scenario One

AoA_poster2-big (1)Before I get to the nitty gritty details of how Scenario One of Assault on Antioch went, I would like to thank Spartan Imports for sponsoring the event which made it possible! spartan_importsYou can check them out on Facebook by clicking on the link: Spartan Imports

I think it’s best that anyone reading this take a look at the action footage first to get a feel for how the game went as well as how AWESOME Gamepod Combat Zone really is! Since the scenario is themed around the Yellowstone caldera exploding and throwing much of the continental United States into complete anarchy, many of the objectives/scenarios have a post apocalyptic theme. As far as scenario one is concerned here is the list of objectives along with a map of the field:

Primary Objectives: Identify Objective buildings and relay that information to your team’s commanders. Objective buildings include the Water Purification Plant, Food Processing Facility, Small Arms Warehouse, and Vehicle Bay. Each building identified is worth 3 points.

Secondary Objectives: Recover Food and water in the form of water bottles and MREs and return them to your teams supply cache. Water bottles are worth 1 point and MREs are worth 2 points.


Assault on Antioch Warn Order

AoA_poster2-big (1) A lot of folks who were not at Assault on Antioch were curious how the game was setup and what the specific objectives were. To give an overview, I’ve decided to post the Warn Order that was issued to game control in order to give a fuller view on what the weekend’s objectives were.

Before you read the Warn Order you might as well check out our first teaser video showing off some of the action footage from the game: Well, without further ado, hereĀ is the Warn Order:


A super volcano has erupted out of Yellowstone National Park, covering the majority of the United States in ash and darkness for an estimated three to five years. This has affected all aspects of normal every day life. Food prices have skyrocketed as crops are destroyed due to lack of sunlight. A majority of animal life in the Western United States is no longer able to sustain itself in an eco system that has been ripped apart, and the fabric of civil society has been rent asunder with the complete collapse of local and state governments.

Emergency sustainment zones have already been quietly built all across the United States for the continuation of the American way of life in just such a disaster. Unfortunately because of widespread civilian casualties and a nation-wide communications breakdown due to the volcanic eruption, basic civil services, power, as well as water infrastructure, along with the rule of law have collapsed all across the Western US. Groups of armed civilians flock to the last remaining shelters against devastation on the West coast.

The last remaining emergency sustainment zone remains open and untouched in Antioch, CA. Two caravans of armed civilians now head toward its fully stocked caverns from both the north and the south with room enough for only one group. The fight is on for survival. Do you have what it takes to weather the storm? (more…)