AAR | Assault on Antioch Scenario One

AoA_poster2-big (1)Before I get to the nitty gritty details of how Scenario One of Assault on Antioch went, I would like to thank Spartan Imports for sponsoring the event which made it possible! spartan_importsYou can check them out on Facebook by clicking on the link: Spartan Imports

I think it’s best that anyone reading this take a look at the action footage first to get a feel for how the game went as well as how AWESOME Gamepod Combat Zone really is! Since the scenario is themed around the Yellowstone caldera exploding and throwing much of the continental United States into complete anarchy, many of the objectives/scenarios have a post apocalyptic theme. As far as scenario one is concerned here is the list of objectives along with a map of the field:

Primary Objectives: Identify Objective buildings and relay that information to your team’s commanders. Objective buildings include the Water Purification Plant, Food Processing Facility, Small Arms Warehouse, and Vehicle Bay. Each building identified is worth 3 points.

Secondary Objectives: Recover Food and water in the form of water bottles and MREs and return them to your teams supply cache. Water bottles are worth 1 point and MREs are worth 2 points.

day 1 scen 2 - gc
South Side Respawn (CO – Bob The Axe Man) is Blue | North Side Respawn (CO – Milsim Junkie) is Red

For those that would like to view the briefing for the South Side team in order to understand the initial battle plan you can take a look at the GITV Uncut video posted below: First and foremost I decided to split up my force into three elements so we would cover the maximum amount of ground possible. I would lead my element directly up 4th street as far as we could go, Team Disposable Heroes would lead another element up 3rd and B streets and finally Daniel would lead his element over to 1st street in order to set up a blocking position at the school to prevent the other team from flanking us and capturing our supply cache. opening charge At the start of the game my element was able to get all the way up to the airport and Daniel’s was able to setup a blocking position rather easily. The only group that really got bogged down was bravo element led by Disposable Heroes. This was mainly because they were tasked with assaulting the center of the field and the other side had a bit of an advantage as far as the fields of fire, they were able to achieve from the buildings adjacent to their spawn. pushing up to smoke Once our initial positions were hammered down and the battle lines were drawn, I began moving between elements making sure my troopers were searching for water bottles, MREs, and objective buildings. One thing I noticed throughout the course of the game was that even though the objective buildings had placards on them (which in hindsight weren’t large enough for our purposes, but that’s my fault) a lot of my troopers weren’t paying as much attention to searching for them as I originally thought. Point of fact, I had troopers almost right next to them without noticing they were there. I have to be honest though, if I’m taking fire I’m probably not going to be looking for a sign, I’m going to be looking for the best way to shoot back, which is completely understandable. With that said, through the course of the game the North side was able to identify all four objective buildings while my South side was able to identify two.

Objective Building placard is visible in the background

For the majority of the Scenario One my team, the South Side, controlled roughly 2/5’s of the battlefield. One of the reasons for this, as mentioned above, is that the North side had more direct fields of fire on the center of the field from buildings directly adjacent to their spawn. One way I attempted to mitigate this factor was to push my forces into the vehicle bay and as well as have my troopers fire from windows in the school so we could have interlocking fields of fire on the enemy in the center of the field. This worked for a while but became problematic later in the game because there was no entrance to the gas station other than a door that you had to fight your way through the center of the field to enter. Still, in the end it was worth getting any amount of my troopers in there in order to stave off a complete rout.

vehicle bay 2
Bob firing from the Gas Station/Vehicle Bay

One issue came up during the course of the game that almost had me extremely worried but which in hindsight was rather hilarious… During the briefing at the beginning of scenario one, I instructed all of my troopers to place water bottles and MREs in the far right corner of our supply cache so they would be harder to find in case the enemy secured the building. In the last 15 minutes of the game I went to check up on the supply cache and was mortified to find… nothing at all.

I found absolutely nothing and I began to wonder if I wasn’t specific enough in my briefing and whether or not that would cost us the game. As I began searching around, I noticed a very old washing machine near the far right corner of our supply cache. I walked up to it hoping for the best and found… LOTS of water bottles and MREs!! Whew, that was close! washing machine I have to hand it to whoever instructed the other players to do that, or just my team in general in case everyone who came up to drop off objectives thought that far ahead of time. Whatever the case, I was damn proud of my team. In the end, even though my team wasn’t able to identify all of the objective buildings we were able to secure more water bottles and MREs than the North side, giving us one of the narrowest margin of victories I’ve seen in an airsoft game for quite some time. You can see a break down of the final score below: scoreboard Regardless of the score, I have to hand it to Milsim Junkie, Spartan117GW, and most of all both the North and the South side teams for making it an incredibly close, hard-fought, and epic’ly exciting game that kicked off one heck of a great weekend!!! msj Stay Tuned for Scenario Two of Assault on Antioch which will be coming out very soon…

In the mean time however you might as well check out the YouTube channels for the North side Commander Milsim Junkie and his Executive Officer Spartan117GW as well as their videos from Assault on Antioch:

Link to Milsim Junkies Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MilsimJunkie1 msj1 Link to Spartan117GW’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/spartan117gw

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