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Month: March 2014

My Favorite Gas Blow Back Rifle…

lm42I’ve been using a KWA LM4 PTS for over a year now and I’m beyond the point of worrying about other people’s opinions when I say this but… I love it!

In the years leading up to my ownership of an LM4 I have been routinely infatuated with gas blow backs. In fact, I almost always have a sidearm on my person for airsoft games. That’s because having to go for my sidearm in airsoft games is one of my favorite parts about playing. Going for my sidearm means that “fit” is hitting the “shan” and I just need to keep shooting to stay in the game and I live for moments in airsoft like that.

sidearm2So beyond having side arms on my person, I graduated into the gas blow back submachine gun market about 3 years ago with my purchase of a KWA KMP9 along with a Danger Werx Flute valve (so it would shoot under the 350 FPS CQB limit). Not only does a KMP9 from KWA have excellent trigger response, build, and an absurd rate of fire, but the weight it mostly concentrated on or around the pistol grip. This means that with the stock out it’s incredibly easy to fire the gun one-handed and transition between targets quickly. This makes the KMP9 and excellent gun to use with my battle axe.



Tactical Response Unleashed

tru eventMy first experience with Tactical Response Unleashed (TRU, for short) came in the days leading up to the opening of Airsoft GI’s east coast store GI Tactical, located in Chesterfield, VA. TRU was originally designed as a law enforcement and hand-to-hand combat training facility and as such had multiple padded martial arts rooms, a briefing area with tent, armory, overhead walkway for viewing action, as well as two small cqb sections for the use of airsoft guns.

[Note: this is a photo taken before TRU changed the field to accommodate more airsoft gameplay]tru3During our first visit there were a few things that surprised us that are worth mentioning. Firstly, on their main law enforcement cqb course, the targets that would pop up for us to shoot would actually shoot back if they were not engaged quickly enough. We were subtly warned about this but, it honestly took me getting shot in the forehead for me to take both adequate use of cover and the warning I got from the staff about the targets more seriously.

[Note: this is a photo taken before TRU changed the field to accommodate more airsoft gameplay]tru4


AAR Rebel Training Camp: Northern Resistance Game 4

Well, if I thought Game 3 was hard I was certainly in for a fight in Game 4 because for this mission Josh’s team would have all 3 vehicles and I would have 1 RPG complete with 2 reloads as well as two packs of C4, all of which I was supposedly able to resupply during the game through the game staff. After seeing the deftness with which Josh’s team was able to take apart my vehicle formations I felt confident my team could do the same. Fate was not to be completely on my side for this game however…

In addition to switching out vehicles for explosives, we were also switching sides so that each team had the same exact objectives (marked as red X’s) and field layout to make the days events as fair as possible. You can see the starting positions in the photo below which was created with total awesomeness in a program you’ve probably never heard of before called MS Paint. Josh’s Team is shown below starting in the green box whereas my team is shown starting in the orange box.

game 4 starting pos and obj

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Well MB08 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

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