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Month: May 2012

Airsoft GI News Series – The Brief

It is Thursday May 31st and here are the top stories in the Airsoft World. First, check out the KWA LM4 Video above and see how much torture this gun can take. Airsoft GI employee put the LM4 in a series of torture test and it came out on top. This is truly the best gas blow back M4 in the airsoft market to date.


Xyclone II Motors!!!!

KWA LM4 – The Professional Training Rifle

Everyone has been anticipating the KWA LM4 since the announcement was made at the 2010 SHOT Show. I did not had the chance to check out the prototype until SHOT Show 2012. Last week, the first batch of LM4’s arrived at the Airsoft GI warehouse, and as expected, all the employees immediately went to the warehouse and drooled over them.  But as the editor-in-chief of the GITV blog, one of the LM4s made its way to my desk. I began to dissect and analyzed it piece by piece. Needless to say, I was quite impressed by how accurately the KWA LM4 P.T.R (Professional Training Rifle) controls operate in comparison to an AR-15 weapon system.

First Impression


Why is Airsoft GI a Cut Above the Rest?

In the airsoft industry, Airsoft GI is a retailer who is different compared to the rest. This is thanks to its owner’s unique way of thinking and his philosophy about business. I remember when I was a rookie packer when I first started about 5 years ago. One of my first mistakes was packing the incorrect item into one of the customer’s packages. A few days later, we received an email from the customer stating he had received the wrong item. Although the tone of the customer’s email did not sound angry, the owner immediately pulled me aside and gave me a “lecture”. From that point on, I knew this was the company I wanted to work for.

One of the owner’s philosophies on how Airsoft GI must operate is a constant drive for improvement. The owner believes that there is always room for improvement. He feels that if you are not moving forward, you are moving backwards. Therefore, all Airsoft GI employees are constantly improving themselves. However, 99% of Airsoft GI employees go above and beyond their duties, not only to impress the owner; but more importantly, to better serve our customers.


The Best Custom 1911 Platform

The Tokyo Marui 1911 MEU pistol is a platform designed to be upgraded, from the slide to the hammer. Because of that, it is no surprise that the best and brightest in the airsoft community usually are the ones who purchase them and upgrade them. There are a lot of upgrade parts that you can put in the Tokyo Marui 1911 MEU base gun in order to make it perform and look the way you want. However, before we start discussing it, let’s talk about the 2 basic questions regarding building a custom 1911 airsoft gun.