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Month: March 2012

Tools of an American Warrior – The 1911

I have always preferred the 1911 over other handgun platforms. As a real firearm owner, I look for 2 things in my handguns; safety and accuracy. The 1911 is one of the best handgun designs in the word, and it has been proven for more than a hundred years. They are the most accurate handgun chambered in 45 ACP, to have entered into the battlefield. The 1911 also continues to dominate the competition community, due to its superb accuracy and smooth operation.

WE Tech are famous in the airsoft community for producing some of the best airsoft gas blowback pistol on the market. Their 1911s prove their reputation. Despite the lack of trademarks, there is more to the WE 1911 series gas blowback pistols than just a piece of gun shaped metal.


Airsoft GI is Going Nuts! More Giveaways for YOU!!!!

Alright folks, I received a lot of requests urging me to do the “The Phrase That Pays” giveaway again. After long consideration and convincing my boss, once again we will have “The Phrase That Pays” contest! So Listen up.

Prize: WE Full Metal M9 Gas Blowback Pistol


Semi Auto Sniper Rifle

Due to heavy school work, I have not posted any detailed articles for a while; for that, I apologize. I promised myself to post a detailed article first thing after my final, so here it is.

Semi-auto sniper rifles are becoming more popular due to its increase of efficiency on the battlefield. Traditionally, snipers usually use bolt action sniper rifles because of the accuracy and precision of the bolt action rifles. However, the modern battlefield has changed; the sniping community demands the sniper rifles to change along with the modern battlefield.


The First Airsoft GI Iron Sight Pistol Challenge!

This is the first ever Airsoft GI Iron Sight Pistol Challenge and it’s being held at the Airsoft GI Retail Store in Walnut, CA. This pistol challenge is set up similar to other sporting event tournaments. Thirty two total shooters will battle head to head in a single elimination tournament until there is only one shooter left, the champion! Put your shooting skills, weapon manipulation and nerves to the test and sign up for the Airsoft GI ISPC!

Airsoft GI Is Your #1 Source For Low Prices And Great Giveaways!

We at Airsoft GI try to keep our customers as happy as possible, and in that quest we have dropped some of our prices to make sure we are giving you the best deal possible. Check out some of these prices in comparison to our competitors!

On top of that, we are constantly having new contests and giveaways to show our love for our customers. Check out the ICS contest we’re having right now!

Do you want to look as cool and Bob and Zadie? Well guess what? If you run a ICS AEG as a Primary and you have an awesome picture that you would like to share with the world you can! Simply Tag AirsoftGI Tim in the picture and you are entered! The Grand Prize will be a ICS Zip Up Hoodie, ICS Polo, ICS T-Shirt, and a great ICS Poster. Runner up will receive one ICS Zip Up Hoodie and third place will receive one ICS T-Shirt. Criteria are as follows,