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Month: January 2012

1911 – Best Pistol Design, EVER!

In my opinion, the 1911 is the best pistol design ever entered into the theater of war. Most of you would agree with me that John Browning was a genius by creating the 1911 . John Browning created the 1911 pistol just in time for World War I. The 1911 (made by various manufacturers) is still in service today with various special operations groups and elite law enforcement units.

Finding a high performance airsoft 1911 for training which is consistence with my Kimber is not an easy task!

I own a Kimber Custom 1911 Tactical Law Enforcement II. It is the same one which Kimber manufactures for the Elite L.A.P.D. S.W.A.T. (Los Angles Police Department Special Weapon and Tactics) team. My 1911 operates smoothly as long as I keep it in mint condition. I absolutely enjoy shooting that gun.

There are many reasons why special operations groups, elite law enforcement units, and the fastest shooters in the world choose the good old 1911, even though it is more than a hundred years old. But the main reasons are; it is accurate, reliable, durable, smooth and simple to operate. Oh by the way, did I mention it takes the awesome .45 ACP?


Airsoft GI – KWA ATP vs Echo 1 Timberwolf Gas Blowback Pistol Showdown and much more!

Airsoft GI – KWA ATP vs Echo 1 Timberwolf Gas Blowback Pistol Showdown!
These guns are very similar but they are not the same. Watch as Bob and Tim duke it out to determine which one is better!

Many more GITV Episodes for your viewing pleasure!

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Here are some of the latest products to hit Airsoft GI!

AGM Full Metal M16-A1 Airsoft Gun

AGM Full Metal M4 CQB Compact RIS Airsoft Gun (Full Stock)

AGM Full Metal M4 CQB RIS Airsoft Gun (Ver.2 w/Gas Block & Full Stock)

AGM Full Metal M4 CQB Compact RIS Airsoft Gun (Crane Stock)

Airsoft GI BCT-3 Essential M4/AK Ammo Chest Rig (Black)

Magpul USA MS2 Multi Mission Sling (FDE)

Bravo AK-47 520rds High Capacity Metal Flash Magazine

Something very special took place during SHOT Show this year. Ares became the first airsoft company to acquire a license by Knight’s Armament for their Stoner LMG. Knight’s has been a very sought after company for official licensing for airsoft products. There are many KAC items out there, but the Ares Stoner LMG is the very first once that’s licensed by Knight’s. Serial Number 00001 was presented to C. Reed Knight, owner and founder of KAC, at SHOT Show this year, and we have some very warm and fuzzy footage of that in this video.

We would like to take this time to congratulate our friends at Z Shot and Ares Airsoft on this amazing product that won the hearts of the Knight family.



A Glance at KWA 2012 New Products

Obviously, the most unique and innovative KWA airsoft gun at S.H.O.T. Show 2012 was the KRISS Gas Blow Back Airsoft Gun. However, there were numerous new items that will definitely bridge the gap (in terms of training) between real firearms and the world of airsoft.

Click on image to refer to the KWA KRISS Article.


As a real steel shooter, I treat my airsoft guns as training utilities (not toys). With that being said, safety is my number one concern. The next thing I look for is the consistency between my real firearm and airsoft. After that, I look for guns that have high performance, as well as high reliability and high durability. Last but not least, I look at the cost. KWA is the solution to all my concerns. In my opinion, they have the right price tag, the highest reliability, durability, and performance in the entire airsoft market.

KWA LM4 Gas Blow Back Rifle


It’s Officially The First GITV Video To Reach 1 Million Views!

A huge thank you to Northern 5 entertainment, Condor outdoor, and to everyone who froze for two days straight for free to help get the film together. We couldn’t have done it without you!