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News from Madbull “MadBull Shotgun shells available now”

Madbull shotgun shell
Madbull shotgun shell


Finally, MadBull Shotgun shells for Airsoft available now!

First available: 6MMx6 BB shells (5 shells in one box)

(Suitable to Green Gas, Propane, Red Gas, CO2)

For Tanaka, Airsoft Surgeon, G&P Airsoft Shotguns.

NOTE: Don’t apply to real gun or it will be damaged real gun chamber.

Shotgun shell for real gun training will be available soon.

No estimated price for this puppy at this moment.

Airsoft GI TV Special

Welcome to the new Airsoft GI TV. We are celebrating this new site by giving everyone a 10% coupon code that you can use it at The code is “gitv”. It will give you 10% off the total order, plus, if your order is over 100.00. You will qualify for free shipping (except HI, AK and Canada) too.

Happy Shooting

NC Star Rubber MKIII 3-9x Scope with Laser

This is an interesting new scope from NC Star. Functional for both range and CQB because it magnifies 3-9x and has a laser. The entire scope is rubberized to give it a non-reflexive finish and it is equipped with a QD throw lever mount.

OE TECH Roll Up Utility Pouch

This is an innovative pouch from OE TECH. The OE TECH Roll-Up Utility Pouch is a multi-purpose pouch that remains folded when not in use, but can be opened instantly. When deployed it can hold up to six M4/M16 magazines, any many other types of magazines. Size: 4.5″W x 5″L when folded. 8″W x 8.5″L when open. Available in ACU, Black, OD, and Tan.

Airsoft GI Custom AEG – PTT (Perfect Tactical Trainer)

The Airsoft GI PTT is another fusion between real steel parts on airsoft AEGs. The 10″ two-piece free float RIS is made by Midwest Industries, a company well known for their high quality products. Underneath that 6061 hard coated anodized aluminum rail is a King Arms Low-Profile Gas block, the attention to detail on this custom gun is unparalleled. The one piece barrel is extremely solid, no wobble at at all, and the Vortex flash hider on the end flows well with the look. Two other great additions to the look of this gun are the MagPul MOE Stock and MagPul Sling Adaptor. This gun is wired to the front with a low resistance wire set; and to hold the battery, the Ares AN/PEQ2 Battery Box with laser. The Ares PEQ Box is easily the most durable, most realistic, and best looking PEQ Box in airsoft today; as if all of that were not enough, Ares has fitted their PEQ with a compact laser that is bright enough for daytime use, but small enough not to take up any battery space.
The base gun is a Top Tech M4, which has the pneumatic blowback gearbox. Top Tech already makes a great quality, reliable, AEG; however our goal with this custom model was to make it as realistic and reliable as possible for hardcore airsoft players and/or military or law enforcement training. Therefore the internals have been tuned with Systema Gears, G&P M160 Motor, Modify S120 Spring, and a Super Core Piston.
This gun is built from the very best real steel and aftermarket airsoft parts, internally and externally; it is built for the most enthusiastic airsoft players and professional training personnel. The reason we used such high quality parts it to provide a durable/reliable training gun that’s more realistic and usable than the blue rubber gun, and also cheaper than the Systema PTW. This AEG is also more reliable and consistent than gas blowback rifles. This gun is among Airsoft GI’s best crafted AEGs, this gun is…perfect.