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Socom Gear M1911 MEU Desert available at Airsoft GI

MEU Desert
MEU Desert

Socom Gear M1911 MEU Desert available at Airsoft GI.  Click Here

Bobster Prowler Convertible Shot with PTW Red Cylinder

To show the strength of the Bobster Prowler lens we shot it POINT BLANK 5 times with a Systema PTW Max, which shoots 550FPS with .20g BBs.

New Headgear and Eyewear from Zan

We have new eye and head protection from Zan Headgear.  The Bobster series of light weight, inexpensive, and reliable eye protection are an excellent substitute for high priced designer eyewear.  Some models are convertible from glasses to goggles, some have interchangeable lenses, but all of them are designed and tested to protect your eyes from BBs coming from all angles.  Also, the ZAN 3 in 1 Head Wrap is a great multi-purpose to protect the wears head or face. This is a great quality piece from Zan Headgear. The print is a custom design from Zan, the edges have been rolled and sewn to prevent fraying, and it’s made form 100% medium weight pre-washed cotton. The 3-IN-1 Head Wrap with Velcro also has polymer crystals to provide hours of cooling relief. Soak the 3-IN-1 cooler in cold water for 10 minutes to activate the cooling crystals and wear as a headband, necktie or skull cap to maximize cooling during hot days and activities. Can be worn 3 different ways and re-used hundreds of times.

Here is a quick video to demonstrate the versatility of the Prowler Convertible:

Hatch Corp. Tactical Gear now at Airsoft GI!

Airsoft GI is now stocking Hatch Corporation gear to bring you the some of the best tactical use gear in the world. Hatch has become a leader in the law enforcement glove market since 1967. They have used their experience in gloves to create other protective/tactical gear for uniformed duty, tactical, corrections, military, industrial safety/medical rehabilitation personnel. Hatch products are designed with the performance needs of the professional end user in mind (, and now it’s all available for you at

These Hatch hard Knuckle Gloves are the ultimate protection for your hands. A hard plastic plate covers the knuckles and additional Kevlar padding is on the outside of each finger. The palm is 100% leather with extra padding on the hand where recoil is felt. Also, there is a leather ring around the trigger finger of each glove near the first knuckle so the finger can be cut without fraying the rest of the glove ( if you prefer to shoot that way ).

We also have Hatch’s high quality knee pads, available in black, tan, and olive drab.  The Hatch Centurion Knee Pads are possibly the best value for money in regards to knee protection. The 1/2″ high density foam is wrapped in Cordura Nylon to provide impact protection while still keeping a slim design to prevent from hindering movement. The rubber non-slip cap provides extra shock protection and is riveted to the knee pad for durability and flexibility. The 2″ elastic straps are adjustable with Velcro strips and fasten with a friction lock buckle.

KWA USA announced new products. Coming soon to Airsoft GI in June 2009

KWA USA today unveiled the new 2009/2010 product lineup at the 2009 IWA & Outdoor Classic Show. The new product lineup includes four new NS2 GBB pistols, KP8C Tactical, KP45 Tactical, KP45 Match, and KZ75; two new NS2 based SMGs; the M11 and MP7; four new second-generation KM4/16 variants, KM4 RIS, KM4 SR5, KM4 SR10, and KM16 SR12, and the preview of the upcoming AK47 AEG.

Product details and performance specifications of each new model can be found in the 2009 KWA product catalog available for download at the company website. Estimated ship date for the new models is beginning of June 2009 and pricing will be announced at a later date.