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Echo1 Zombat Metal Body for M4 available soon at

echo1 zombat metal body
echo1 zombat metal body

Echo1 Zombat Metal Body for M4 available soon at

It will be at 75.00

G&G Full Metal & Real Wood AIMS available now at

g&g aims
g&g aims

G&G Full Metal & Real Wood AIMS available now at  You can find it here

Of course, you can see Tim’s report on this gun here at

MadBull / ECHO1 Crawler edition tight boare barrel, available soon!


This is not the first time ECHO1 and MadBull work together but this is the most innovative product from these two companies ever.

Crawler edition barrel’s idea is coming out from ECHO1’s engineer and they decide to transfer this idea to MadBull.

After try-n- error for over a month and making over a hundred prototypes, MadBull and ECHO1 finally find out the best design for Crawler edition barrel.

Normally, if you want to lower down your AEG power, you have to break down your gearbox and change a lot of internal components.

Crawler edition barrel is the best solution for Airsoft player to reduce velocity and power of their AEG to comply regulations.

More detail will be provided in 10-14 days.

Patent pending!

MadBull Airsoft

G&G AK Romanian

The Romanian features a solid construction with a steel receiver, receiver cover, and barrel assembly. Other reinforced metal parts include the selector lever, bolt handle, trigger guard, and magazine catch. The Romanian also features a unique steel side folding wire stock design and a authentic wood hand guard that incorporates a vertical fore grip. It also includes a AKM style muzzle brake, adjustable rear sight, and sling attachment points. The G&G Romanian is an excellent airsoft replica of the famous Romanian designed AK and is sure to be popular among collectors; upgrading a Tokyo Marui with similar features could easily cost twice as much as the G&G.

SOCOM Gear 1911 MEU

To the untrained eye it may look like just another 1911 but it is ,in fact, much more. The SOCOM Gear 1911 MEU features a full metal body, upgraded iron sights for easier aiming, front cocking serrations on the slide, comfortable grips, ambidextrous safety for right and left handed users. Also for enhanced looks SOCOM Gear has added and engraved slide, lower frame and chamber; as well as a 3 hole trigger, skeleton hammer, and beaver tail.