You SHOULD try Airsoft! Airsoft Vs The World!

To start off with, I’d like to address how people look at Airsoft as I am NOT oblivious to it. Many people, paintballers, real steel firearms enthusiasts, and anti-gun advocates view Airsofters or Airsoft in a pretty demeaning way. Social media depicts it as either a bunch of fake pretend “military people” with stolen valor, a gateway to being a school shooter, or it being the poor people’s paintball. These are all things I’ve heard from REAL people and most of that isn’t true. Honestly, a lot of us tend not to care, but I do, because it’s stopping our sport from growing. Hear me out will ya?


(Photo of Airsoft GI Tech Taylor at an Airsoft Event. Taken by Airsoft Obsessed Dave

This next segment is more like a disclaimer. Yes, I see that the main issues revolve around the fact the the weapons we use look like the real thing. In turn, it requires more responsibility. The guns look real even with the orange tip off. An orange tip will not stop a jumpy, trigger happy bystander or officer. Even the term we use is Airsoft GUN, as opposed to paintball that uses the term marker instead of gun. The word gun tends to scare people with good reason. None of the weapons used in Airsoft are LETHAL. Yeah they hurt, but so does paintball. Before you buck up and decide you want to get into Airsoft, know that owning the gun is comparable to owning the real deal! It. Looks. Real. PLEASE, do not bring them out to the public and do not flaunt them around like a pair of new shoes.

COST. That is also a big difference between the main rival of Airsoft .. Paintball. Paintballs are double, sometimes even TRIPLE the cost of BBs. 500 Paintballs is about $50 USD. 5,000 BBs can run you maybe $13.50 USD. Guns vary in both sports as there are low, mid, and high end guns but I feel as though that there are more options for personality and customization in Airsoft! Since the “guns” all replicate real steel guns, people can easily make theirs mirror those or go off and do something whacky like a brightly cerakoted ipsc style pistol!

( TheDeeMoe’s Battlecat TM Hi Capa )

Clean factor is also a thing. YES, the paint is washable but if you play outdoors … chances are you’ll get a little more than just paint on your gear. Paint is a liquid and you know what dirt does with liquids? Not sure about you but I don’t really like mud cake on my expensive gear. Or in my car and on my seats. Call me a princess but I like my stuff to be relatively clean. I am not a fan of taking a couple hours out of my day to clean gear that is going to get dirty and paint caked again on my next trip!


– Aaron F.

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