Why Play Indoors?

The Black Sheep Of the Airsoft Community

(Picture From Old Tac City, In Fullerton, CA)

CQB, CQC, indoor play, whatever you want to call it, it has one defining factor over outdoor style fields and play. It is smaller. It’s as simple as that but in turn, makes it much more different than you may think.

(Photo From Airsoft Tulsa and Outdoor Sports)

Indoor almost forces you to be more aggressive and attentive. You find yourself sprinting down the concrete to lead the charge against the person in building one. You find yourself in cover almost all the time, hearing the sounds of the BBs smack the plywood you’re kneeling behind. You never feel safe staying in one spot because you know the local team likes to flank.. all … the … time. I’ve found that outdoors, I feel much safer standing out in the open or having long range, stand back style gun fights with other players. BBs only go so far right? But indoor you find that the engagement distance goes from 3 feet to maybe 30 and that is it! There’s almost no where on the field that you can stand and not get shot from the other END of the building.

(CQB Fam at Tac City Fullerton, CA)

HOWEVER, I am NOT knocking indoor play! I love it. I love the excitement and adrenaline you feel when you hear a group of GoPro clip orientated players run by you in a pack of 3, and you wait for the opportunity to shoot them in the back because they DON’T check their corners. Getting shot at and hearing the plywood get dented gives me the adrenaline and confidence to challenge the other player again! Slowly and methodically maneuvering the field because you know everyone else is pushing up quicker than a roadrunner on Adderall. Finding the player who pushed up SUPER far on the sound of the whistle and putting two in their back because they think speed is all you need to dominate. The community is so much more colorful. You’ll never find a more diverse looking group of Airsofters on any other type of field. You’ll look to your left and see a PMC loadout with a short AK style gun, then look to your left and see a player with a pistol studded with gems and cerakoted pink and it’s just NORMAL there! The seriousness level is, and should be at a lower level than if you went to an event or competition.

(Picture of Aaron provided by AO Dave!)

And before you say I am knocking SpeedSofters, hold your horses. All of them. No I am not, as I respect the SpeedSoft community just as much as I respect the rest of the players. You see … the stigma against SpeedSoft and the indoor field community is that we’re a bunch of overshooting, cheating, crying, high ROF dependent children. When that really isn’t the case for 99% of the indoor community! We’re a lot kinder than you think and no, we don’t hate you outdoor players. No we don’t overshoot on purpose, it is a mix of adrenaline, high speed builds (which is HIGHLY prevalent in CQB Fields), and maybe 2 or 3 overly privileged players who think that they have BB immunity for whenever the situation deems convenient is there that night and we’re fed up. I’ve played with the best of the best, young and old, new and seasoned, and almost ALL of them are honest and kind players. Keep in mind I say most, there’s always that one player, or 3 … but that’s besides the point. Those kinds of players are everywhere.

In the end, this sport is a bunch of people, with hurt wallets, and a want to shoot other people with fake firearms that shoot small plastic balls. Whether you’ve heard all of the “horror stories” of the indoor, CQB community or not, please keep in mind that we’re all just Airsofters too. And we’d really appreciate if you’d stop judging us based on the small amount of jerks that ruin our image. COME BY and TRY out indoor play! We promise to welcome you with open arms and an 80 RPS DSG build! Okay joking on that last part … maybe. HA!

– Aaron F.

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