Why do I love Airsoft

There is not a single reason why I love Airsoft. There’s quite a few actually. It gets me outside, it takes strategizing, I usually interact with others, and it’s a ton of fun. While these seem like typical reasons why anyone would say they love anything it really is the way I genuinely feel about Airsoft.

Being outside is one of my favorite things to do. Whether I’m playing Airsoft, going on a hike, playing a sport with my friends; I’d much rather be outside doing something rather than being at home getting progressively more bored as the day goes on. Yes, Airsoft can be played both indoors and outdoors. I personally prefer outdoors because I don’t get as fogged or stuffy in the air while playing outdoors. In-between rounds you can get the breeze on your face to help cool you off. The smell of the fresh air after landing that 250 ft. shot that went through 2 windows to hit the guy just above his plate carrier. Nothing can beat it.


While playing it takes a lot of strategizing in order to complete your objective. Most games are just a force vs force (Team Deathmatch Styled) the objective styled games are what I truly enjoy the most. The key to winning an objective based game is trying to predict what your opponent would do. The path they are likely to take, the points they are likely to hold, the weak points they may leave exposed. After playing at a field for so long you learn the lesser travelled routes and you can expose weak points that people rarely defend. Using this knowledge can help you with taking control of any objective based game.


Every time I go to play Airsoft it is almost always with a group of people. It gives us the opportunity to work together and get to know how we react and where our weak points are. We work together to cover the others weaknesses and maximize our strengths. After playing and working with someone for so long it becomes second nature on how to communicate with minimal words and almost becomes instinct with what to do. The few times I go to a field by myself I’ll try to find a small group to join up with for the day. Communicating with them as much as possible so by the end of the day we kind of have a bit of chemistry to where we can effectively work without saying anything. This also opens the door to making new friends to play with so you always have someone to play with.

We all play Airsoft for one important reason. It’s an incredibly fun hobby! We get to be with our friends, plan out our attack/defend strategies, and being in the great outdoors. There’s always a great experience awaiting with every round of Airsoft you get in. So pick up your gear and get out and play!

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