Choosing the right gun for you



In a sea of guns, it may seem like an impossible task to pick the right gun for you. There’s too many brands, models, price points, accessories, features, blah blah blah. There are a few key points in choosing the right gun for you. Sticking to these points will help you pick the best gun and minimize buyer’s remorse. How much are you looking to spend on the gun? What role do you play on the field? What features does the gun offer?

What are the reviews on the gun? Sticking to these 4 questions can keep you focused on making the best purchase for you.

The primary thing that often causes buyer remorse is their budget. Obviously everyone’s financial situation is different and cheap for you might be a lot of money for someone else. Whether you want to spend $100 or $1000 be sure to maximize your budget space and look at the options that are within your price range. If you tell yourself, “I will not spend over my budget” live by it. Just because you can be $20 under your budget because you want to save that, think about the quality you will be getting if you did spend that full budget amount rather than saving a few bucks.

One thing that most people seem to think is the most important but often don’t go in this direction is the role they play on the airsoft field. I’ve seen countless times working in the store where somebody who plays primarily at an indoor field wants a full 16 inch rifle just because it looked cool in the store. If you are a longer range player than get the longer barreled M16, if you play indoors and need maneuverability get the MP5, if you’re the guy that keeps people’s heads down and is always on the trigger get the 249. If you know how you play equip yourself in the best way possible so you can be as effective as possible on the field.

Something that is often the main point of people’s decision to buy one gun over the other are features the gun comes with. You have several different companies that offer a micro-switch trigger, a programmable trigger unit, ambidextrous controls, a fancy rail, etc. The primary thing to consider is how often will you use those features. What’s the point of having a gun that can switch between full auto and burst fire modes if your field only allows semi automatic. Now that’s not to say they don’t have their place but it’s something to consider when you purchase a gun specifically to fulfill a particular role. You should be looking at features that you know you will be utilizing and making your decision based on that.

Lastly, what is the general consensus on the particular product in question. If you’re looking to buy a gun then suddenly someone comes in to return the exact gun you were looking at and it makes you think what happened there? It’s never a bad idea to ask around to get multiple opinions on products. Keep in mind when gathering opinions to get the insight that they have. If it was one time and they absolutely hated the gun because they just happened to get the one bad apple of the bunch. Does the product perform up to their expectations? If they expect a stock $150 gun to be on par with their several hundred dollar build then they’re outright crazy.


Deciding what specific gun to go with for you might be a very hard choice. If you stay on task and pay attention to what people who actually own the product and you’ll be ok. Finding a gun is not impossible and you shouldn’t be intimidated by it.

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