Top Questions: Airsoft Glock Talk Q&A

So You Wanna Talk Glock… Airsoft Glock!

We’re back with another round of Questions and Answers! In our Top Questions series, we answer questions compiled by the internet asked by YOU, real deal airsofters!

Who Makes The Best Glock? How Many Kinds Are There?

That’s Easy! Elite Force has the only licensed Glock options in the United States for airsoft. They all shoot incredibly well, feel and function like the real thing and are extremely reliable in adverse conditions. Whether you go CO2, Green Gas, full blowback or partial they have an option for pretty much everyone. Here are some of our favorites below:

Which Is Better? Co2 Or Green Gas Glocks?

It really depends on your environment and preferences. Co2 is great for areas where it is cold or green gas isn’t readily available. It’s also got better felt recoil on the whole, but can lead to more maintenance over time to prevent issues. Green gas is superior for warmer climates, and can help cut down on maintenance times as well.

Is an Airsoft Glock Good For Training?


They feel identical to their real counterparts in size and are pretty close in weight. Airsoft Glocks like the ones made by Elite Force/Umarex will fit most Glock model holsters. The realistic recoil, controls, and trigger all make it a perfect option for dry fire training practice, and even some live fire when applied properly. In fact, these guns original purpose was as a training tool long before ever being acquired by the civilian airsofter.


Is There A Full Auto Glock?

Yes. It hasn’t hit the market yet, but stayed tuned to Airsoft GI for updates as we get them!


How Do You Maintain Your Airsoft Glock Magazine?

This is accomplished much the same way you do with any GBB pistol magazine. Make sure your seals are properly lubricated and tight. Always keep a little gas in the magazine, but never completely full when not in use. Keep them clean and stored safely and you should minimize any problems down the road.


Can I Use My Glock In CQB?

Since these guns all chrono under 350 FPS on a .20g BB pretty reliably, you should be able to. Now, that comes with a caveat that you should check the rules at your local airsoft field. Some fields have been known to ban CO2 or may have lower restrictions than the national average.

Hopefully That Helps!

As always, if you didn’t get your question answered, reach out to us on social media or call into your closest GI Walk-In store and let us know! We’ll try to feature your questions in a future episode!



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