Things We Feel Bad About Laughing at in Airsoft

We all see people make mistakes. Some are bad. Some are funny. Some are probably bad to laugh at. We don’t intend for it to come off as negative but sometimes things are funny. Today we’re going to go over a few things that make us laugh. We probably shouldn’t laugh at these though.


The Elitest Gun Down.

Our most annoying “That Guy” on the field. Talking up a storm about how good he is or how everyone else isn’t. In the middle of showing off you just hear a sharp grinding noise. That was straight karma coming back. Most people you’ll probably say “Aww man, I’m sorry.” This guy, you just burst out laughing! “Yeah! Mr. High and Mighty with the high end build that breaks!” It’s always funny to see Karma put an Elitest in place. This is probably the only one we don’t feel bad about laughing at.

The Face Planter

Ref asks both teams if they’re ready, THREE, TWO, ONE, GO GO GO!!!! You take off sprinting out of the gate! Thinking about your quick game strategy. As you’re running, you step on a pile of bb’s and you’re eating the dirt. For those of us who witnessed you fall, we’re laughing while trying to get back up. Sorry man but who hasn’t laughed at someone face planting.


We have seen it a handful of times. A grenade is the best tool for a job. The issue with grenades is that it’s all about placement. Some people are better than others at throwing grenades where they need to go. Rarely, they’re the last person you want to be throwing a grenade. Some people might get mad, most will laugh at the entire situation.


Video Credit: Airsoft Alfonse and Jet Desert Fox

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No Cover Light Up

When playing Airsoft, you want to try to move as methodically as possible. Staying in cover when possible and moving when it’s clear. If you don’t do this, you’ll end up running out in the open. Only to get blasted by 5 different people watching that area. It’s funny cause they end up doing the “I’m Hit” dance. You can’t get mad at the guys shooting cause they’re engaging a target of opportunity. Most people shoot until they see a hand/dead rag go up. Assuming by the time the first shot registers with the guy. There might be 15 bb’s already in the air. Then multiply that by how ever many people are shooting at said person. The moral of the story, don’t run out in the open!

The Youngin Who Can’t Cycle Their Gun

While working at our California Store, we’d have younger kids looking for their first gun. Those on a tighter budget would want something like a Sniper or a Shotgun. The very first thing I did was ask them to rack one. If they struggled in even the slightest way I’d urge them to not get it. When I’m at a field and see a child struggling to just pump their gun, field I do laugh at it. I wonder what store would sell a Kid something they can’t physically operate. They’re putting their dear life into pumping it once. Most don’t want to shoot it because a follow up shot is almost impossible.


We can’t help but giggle when we see stuff like this happen at the field. The biggest difference you can make to a player is approach them. Help them out how you can. Whether it’s letting them try your gun or showing them tactics. When we get embarrassed it helps our moral to be shown the how to do things.

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