Don’t Be That Guy!

How often do you find people doing a few things that just annoy you? There’s a lot of things that people do that just make you go “UGGGGHHHHHHHH”. After playing for 9 years I’ve noticed a few trends in the Airsoft Community. We’ve done 2 videos about these guys. So today, we’re going to go through our Top 10 most annoying “That Guy”!

#10 – Compares Airsoft to Real Steel

Most of us seasoned players have met “that guy”. You’re listening to the ref during rules and notice a guy totally eyeballing your gun. After the briefing he comes up to you and says. “That’s a nice gun, how much do you have in it?” You tell him a rough estimate of your project. “WHAT!??! You could buy the real one for that price!” Quietly in your head you’re thinking. “A real one? The real PEQ-15 alone is the price of my complete project. The rail alone is as much as my original base gun. I’m pretty sure the suppressor is illegal to own in California. I’m also positive I can’t shoot my friends with a real one.” An airsoft project that runs you from $750-$1000 typically runs nearly $4000 in a real firearm build. In many cases it’ll cost more. Also if you want a true re-make of your Airsoft gun, be prepared to spend over 56 times as much.


Real Steel Airsoft
Base Gun $999.99 (Semi Only) $40,000 (Full-Auto) $324.99
Rail $550 $135
PEQ-15 $1369.00 $59.46
Optic $559 $40-200
Suppressor / Muzzle Break $495 $41.99
Total $3972.99 (Semi Only) $42,973 (Full Auto) $601.44 (Cheaper End) $761.44 (Higher End)

#9 – Beware of your MED (Minimum Engagement Distance)

After playing for 9 years, I personally don’t mind getting shot at point blank. It’s apart of the game and it will happen from time to time. Regardless if you agree with it or not, don’t be “that guy”. Just because I can handle it doesn’t mean the first-time player out there will. We want people to come back for more and enjoy their time out there. Fields usually have it because of insurance policies. People with guns that can have a higher FPS, should learn how to estimate distance. A good idea is to get a known distance and use that as a quick judgment. If you have an optic on your gun this’ll also help you determine range. Learning what a 3ft barrier looks like at different distances will help estimate rang. This insures you’re not shooting inside of your MED and maximizing the effectiveness of your shots.


#8 – Best Gun but always Breaks

            We all enjoy upgrading our guns. #10 wouldn’t happen without #8. The difference between them, making sure your gun is working before showing it off. Using the most expensive parts won’t make it perform like the best gun on the field. Additionally, if you have someone who isn’t too good working on it. You might run into some issues. We all love to boast about what upgrades are in our gun. Seeing the amazing end results always brings joy to us. But if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.


#7 – Fight Starter

Airsoft can be fairly intense. There’s a lot of stopping and going. Moving from cover to cover. Shooting at and taking return fire. It is an amazing way to get your heart pumping. It shares one similarity to Video Games. If you’re just having a bad day, it could lead to some frustration. I’m personally guilty of getting mad at myself for making simple mistakes. I’ll yell at myself, maybe punch a wall, but that’s the extent of it. I have never thought of actually harming someone else while playing. It’s a game, I payed to be at, and should be left as a game. If you’re having an issue with a player take it up with the field staff. You don’t want to take it into your own hands and antagonize another player. 2 players antagonizing each other is the easiest way to lead to a physical altercation. You also don’t want to be the one to start something with someone else.

#6 – Be aware of your targets

Airsoft is a great tool to cross train with your real firearms. One of the rules of firearms is, be sure of your target and what lies beyond it. #6 of our don’t be “that guy” works most of the time with #9. When breaching a room, you don’t want to go in guns blazing. If you are 100% positive there’s enemies, throw a grenade in. If you think it’s a mixture of friendlies and enemies, go into it more thoughtfully. You breach the room and immediately shoot the first person you see. Turns out it was a friendly and you completely missed the enemy in the corner. Always consider where you’re shooting and who you might be shooting at.

#5 – Taking off eye pro mid game

The most important thing for anyone who plays Airsoft is safety. We walk onto the field with 2 eyes and we intend to walk off with 2. There are those occasional players, who for whatever reason, remove their eye protection. Please don’t be “that guy”. You might find an area you think is “safe”. Next thing you know, someone turns the corner and shoots you. If you begin to fog up during a game, there is no need to panic. You can always have field staff escort you to a safe area. You’ll be able to clear your mask safely. Removing your eye protection mid-game is the easiest way to lose an eye. If you’re lucky enough to have someone notice. They should immediately yell “BLIND MAN”, bringing the game to a halt. Not only do you endanger yourself, you’re also cutting into other people’s playing time.

#4 – The Constant Borrower

We all have “that guy” at a field. The guy who doesn’t have anything but refuses to rent whatever he’s missing. He starts with your speed loader, moves onto your mag, then just “borrows” your guns! You’re wondering how he’s made it this far. Surely, he has to be borrowing stuff at work and school? How hard is it to order a $5 speed loader? Most guns come with one anyways! If you know you’re going to be shooting more, get an extra magazine! Or switch to high caps! When you purchase a sniper rifle you need something else for closer targets! If you’re reading this and think “Man, I don’t know anyone like that.” You migt be “that guy”

#3 – The Overshooter

You’re lurking through the map. You get the drop on a single guy. He has no clue you’re there. You bring your rifle up and… BRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTTTT. You dump half a mag into him for no apparent reason. When you get the drop on someone, just shoot them once. You save ammo, it’s much less noticeable, and he’ll thank you for taking mercy. It is also the easiest way to run into a potential #7 “that guy”.

#2 – Calling other people’s hits

Sitting back and taking those long shots can be the most satisfying things in airsoft. Getting someone lined up, pulling the trigger, watching the bb hit them and… nothing. You shoot again, and again, and again, nothing. “HEY ************ CALL YOUR ******* HIT!!” It’s the easiest way to get yourself kicked off of the field. Ref’s can’t have you screaming curse words across the field cause there’s probably kids playing. If you run into a scenario of someone not calling their hits, notify field staff. They’ll take care of the player causing issues. For the rest of us listening to you freak out, it’s more annoying than anything.

#1 – The Elitest

Our number one for don’t be “that guy” is don’t be an elitest. The guy who acts like a total hot shot just because he has real gear, an ultra-rare gun, and runs night vision in the middle of the day. They won’t admit it, but they more than likely started with a standard M4, paintball mask, and stuffed mags into their pockets. They’re all high and mighty yelling out orders. People listening just roll their eyes and stop paying attention after 5 minutes. If you find yourSELF telling everyone about your stuff. Having to constantly re-grab their attention, you might be an elitest. Elitests are probably the single most toxic thing to the Airsoft community. They rarely promote growth and consistently put others that aren’t on their level down.


We all have probably been one of “these guys” at some point while playing airsoft. The key is to minimize that as best as possible and attempt to keep newer players from becoming one of “these guys”

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