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Gloves that Bob The Axe Man uses

tgh1 Over my decade and a half of playing airsoft I have had the chance to try out many different pairs of gloves and as such I feel confident talking to all of you about what I use and why. Firstly, I actually have about three sets of gloves that I currently use right now and find myself switching to for different reasons. These gloves are the following: Mechanix MPACT 2012 gloves, Mechanix MPACT gloves, V-Tac Armored Half Finger gloves. mpact 2012 Now, I generally have multiple versions of the same item in my armory because they fulfill different mission requirements. The Mechanix MPACT 2012 gloves are the main set I use for the vast majority of my operations. This is for a number of reasons, but mainly because they provide the best combination of dexterity and protection. They also look the coolest which is, if you know me, also a big factor in my decision making process. mpact


Another Quick Update From Airsoft GI

Bob tries something out on his plate carrier for one last Airsoft Operation before it gets put into a mystery box shipped off to one lucky GI Tv fan! This time he’s trying out a new “Assault Mix” of music that’s he hoping will get him motivated to move forward!

NOTE FROM BOB: I am referring to a G&P MK23 (Stoner 63) machine gun in this video, which is one of my favorite airsoft guns from the Vietnam era. It was a favored weapon for many Navy SEALS of that time period.

Harrison was recommended to an airsoft support group by Dr. Tim. Each player has his own story to tell, maybe Harrison will share his story….

We take an in depth look at KWA, G&G, and Javelin AEGs to find out what the best airsoft gun is. KWA is our pro level reference, the G&G or Airsoft GI G4 is our experienced level reference, and the Javelin gun is our entry level reference. Obviously there are more than just 3 gun companies out there but we felt that these 3 accurately represented their skill level genre.

And Some Awesome New Products!

OE Tech Tactical Pants – Available in Black and Khaki and in multiple sizes and lengths.

Airsoft GI Blitz CQB

Danger Werx KMP9 Threaded Outer Barrel – Available in black and silver


Airsoft GI G4-A3 VTAC Carbine

Airsoft GI G4-A3 TRX Carbine

Airsoft GI G4-A1 9″ VTAC MID

Airsoft GI G4-A1 9″ TRX MID

Airsoft GI G4-A1 11″ VTAC Carbine Airsoft Gun

Airsoft GI G4-A1 11″ TRX Carbine

Airsoft GI Custom WE L85 Daniel Defense RIS

Airsoft GI Custom G&G L85 Daniel Defense RIS

Madbull VTAC Extreme Battle Rail – Available in 7″ 9″ and 11″

Madbull Troy TRX Battle Rail – Available in 7″ 9″ 11″ and 13″