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1st Hand Information, Straight from the Source

This came straight from UTG themselves, “Due to tremendous Chinese Customs Surcharges we have made some price adjustments.” A new shipment of UTG MK96s will be at Airsoft GI with in the next 50 days with the adjusted prices from the factory.


The New UTG Free Float RIS Installs in Under 5 Minutes!

Watch as Tim installs the new UTG Free Float RIS in under 5 minutes. The UTG RIS is well made and very user friendly, a must have for owners of the M4 carbine.


MK96 and L96 Owners Beware! Cautionary Video:

There is a common issue with the UTG MK96, DE L96, TSD MK96 with regards to the bolt function.  If you own this gun watch out for this little pin:

New Airsoft GI TV Videos!

These are all hot off the press:

A BB jam is a common thing, but it doesn’t have to be serious.  If not resolved properly a BB jam can lead to severe gearbox trouble.  This video will show you how to unjam your barrel and clean it to avoid futur jams.

This next video is a small demonstration about the UTG LED Tactical Flashlight and how useful flashlights are when playing airsoft.