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Tactical Response Unleashed

tru eventMy first experience with Tactical Response Unleashed (TRU, for short) came in the days leading up to the opening of Airsoft GI’s east coast store GI Tactical, located in Chesterfield, VA. TRU was originally designed as a law enforcement and hand-to-hand combat training facility and as such had multiple padded martial arts rooms, a briefing area with tent, armory, overhead walkway for viewing action, as well as two small cqb sections for the use of airsoft guns.

[Note: this is a photo taken before TRU changed the field to accommodate more airsoft gameplay]tru3During our first visit there were a few things that surprised us that are worth mentioning. Firstly, on their main law enforcement cqb course, the targets that would pop up for us to shoot would actually shoot back if they were not engaged quickly enough. We were subtly warned about this but, it honestly took me getting shot in the forehead for me to take both adequate use of cover and the warning I got from the staff about the targets more seriously.

[Note: this is a photo taken before TRU changed the field to accommodate more airsoft gameplay]tru4


Tactical Response Unleashed has new Hours!

For those living out on the East Coast; be sure to visit Tactical Response Unleashed. They own an awesome airsoft CQB (Close Quarter Battle) field located in Richmond Virginia. While they mostly specialize in firearms training, they are now offering airsoft skirmishes on Friday and Saturday. Friday’s nighttime CQB skirmishes are live from 1700 to 2200 and are available to players age 14 and older. Saturday CQB skirmishes are live from 1200 to 1700 and are available to players age 10-17, but ages 10-11 must be playing with a parent. Tactical Response Unleashed does offer rentals, so whether you are a novice or veteran player, be sure to check out our friends at TRU.

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