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Airsoft Basics: Bounding and Cover Fire, And how to up your game

As we revive our GITV Blog, All of us here want to make sure that we bring up information that’s important to airsofters of all calibers. Whether it’s covering new guns, new gear, or the more esoteric things like picking the right guns and gear, we want to make sure we’re always giving you information that you need. To that end, we’re covering some airsofter basics that everyone should know in this new series: Airsoft Basics. We’re by no means hardened military special forces acronym agency hard-chargers, but we’ve played airsoft a time or two, and want to share our experiences with all of you.

Today’s topic is kind of a double-header, because you need to master both of these to effectively maneuver about the airsoft field. Bounding and Cover fire go hand in hand and provide the basic back bone you need to build upon further tactics. This tactic can be applied with as few as two people but can easily be expanded to larger scales, as the principles are fairly universal.

Step one is easy, you need to pin down the people shooting at you, so that your teammates can safely maneuver without being hit. How you do this is dependant on what capabilities your gear affords you, but the principle is simple. Put rounds on target.

SAWs and LMGs make for great Cover Fire options

Whether you use a saw or a rifle (remember, bursts work just as well as a full stream of fire, and saves ammo) keep the enemy pinned down. If they can’t shoot, your buddies are in a much better situation to move, which brings us to step two.Step two is the bounding aspect of this equation. Bounding is a more complex endeavor than covering fire, but we’ll break it down for you.

Break up your group of plastic slingers into smaller groups. You’ll need at least two, but you can break it down further if necessary, or if you want to occupy multiple pieces of cover as you move. One group will stay put, and provide overwatch, or some sort of covering fire (if you are already engaged) while the other group moves position. This doesn’t have to be forward, either. You can maneuver to the side, make a retreat, or even try to flank your opponent using this essential tactic. Once your group is done moving, you’ll swap roles and repeat.

Don’t forget to keep up the cover fire while your buddies move

Now that you’ve got a handle on how it works, let’s talk about where and when you’d want to make use of your new skill. If you’re moving through a new area with your squad, and you’re unsure if enemy players are around, bounding is a good way to avoid risking your entire fireteam getting laid out by an enemy SAW and may even help you take out a greedy opponent while he tries to take down your friends. Alternatively, you may find yourself engaged and feeling pinned down by enemy fire. You can adapt bounding to an active shoot out during a game as well. While one group suppresses, you should always have buddies moving trying to out flank your targets. Once they are in place, you can once again, switch roles, and keep your opponents on their toes. The key to winning shoot outs in airsoft is to shoot your opponent and not get shot yourself. If you split your opponents attention, now your chances of being shot have been effectively halved.

This breakdown should hopefully allow you to keep the pressure on your opponents, and keep your buddies safe from enemy fire. We’re by no means expert tacticians or highly trained operators, but these are some basic tips that have helped all of us here at GI succeed during a game, and should help you lead your team to victory as well!

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Tactical Response Unleashed

tru eventMy first experience with Tactical Response Unleashed (TRU, for short) came in the days leading up to the opening of Airsoft GI’s east coast store GI Tactical, located in Chesterfield, VA. TRU was originally designed as a law enforcement and hand-to-hand combat training facility and as such had multiple padded martial arts rooms, a briefing area with tent, armory, overhead walkway for viewing action, as well as two small cqb sections for the use of airsoft guns.

[Note: this is a photo taken before TRU changed the field to accommodate more airsoft gameplay]tru3During our first visit there were a few things that surprised us that are worth mentioning. Firstly, on their main law enforcement cqb course, the targets that would pop up for us to shoot would actually shoot back if they were not engaged quickly enough. We were subtly warned about this but, it honestly took me getting shot in the forehead for me to take both adequate use of cover and the warning I got from the staff about the targets more seriously.

[Note: this is a photo taken before TRU changed the field to accommodate more airsoft gameplay]tru4


Blacksheep MILSIM Cove 3 – For all East Coast Players

Blacksheep Milsim was set up by retired U.S. Army Infantry Major John Bucciarelli. He is the author of the MILSIM Tactics manual and the MILSIM MOUT Manual, both of which are fantastic read for MILSIM and casual players alike. He has been teaching combat tactics and effectiveness to airsoft players across the nation. His attention to micro and macro tactics lead to him designing many different and successful training seminars for many years now. Major Bucciarelli is the very meaning of dedication to competitive MILSIM airsoft.

– Major John Bucciarelli

Blacksheep MILSIM offers squad tactics training and makes it a point to focus on that aspect in their MILSIM games. Their training focuses from squad level to battalion level tactics. Respawns have been redesigned in order to empathize the squad itself and its effectiveness on the field. For example, these two rules ensure that the squad stays together:

  • Medic Rule: is designed to reinforce squad-based tactics. Each squad is issued a medic armband and eight bandages per fire team = 16 bandages for a squad. When you are hit – pull out your dead rag or glow stick and call for a medic. Medic either gets to you or a buddy can move you to the medic. The medic ties a bandage on your body and you are immediately back in the fight. This creates a fluid battlefield environment and allows your squad to push the offensive or hold the defense. When you run out of bandages, you are REDCON5 and must withdraw as a squad to the CP.
  • REDCON Levels: are based on real reporting procedures used in the military and reflect percentage of mission capability. REDCON is based on a LACE Report – liquids, ammunition, casualties and equipment. When you are REDCON5 – 0% mission capable – in any of these areas you must withdraw as a squad from the battlefield to your CP – then rearm, refit and get remissioned back into the battle.
The Squad stays together in Blacksheep MILSIM games.

For those interested in giving a Blacksheep MILSIM event a try, consider The Cove 3 in Gore, Virginia from Sept 20th to 22nd 2013 in a 3,000 acre AO. This event features a complete 24 hour tactical simulation. This means that the airsoft battle continues into the dusk and even at night, which allows players to finally use all that night vision gear. Keep in mind, that this MILSIM event will challenge the players on many different levels: physically and mentally.

Be sure to visit their Facebook page for details.