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NEW From SOCOM Gear: Timberwolf Licensed by Lone Wolf

SOCOM Gear proudly introduces the Timberwolf designed and licensed by Lone Wolf Distributors.

The Timberwolf is designed to be 100% compatible with original Glock parts, but is custom designed with improved features.

Among the improvements are a choice of 2 quick change grips, rounded trigger guard, extended beaver tail, round mag catch, improved checkering, higher grip angle and an improved rail system.

Moreover, many claim it is better than any double stack 1911 offered! Install the swelled grip and try to decide, is it an XD or a Sig. Either way, it takes less than a second to try them both.
Enjoy this great invention and play safe!

Key Features:
1. 2 size of quick change grips
2. 2 magazine butt plates for your collection!
3. Polymer frame and Aluminum frame
4. External 1:1 scale as Timberwolf
5. High capacity magazine hold 24 rounds 6mm Airsoft BBs.
6. Strong kick high power recoil
7. Hopup system integrated
8. Ergonomic angle for quick aiming and shooting
9. Picatinny rail for tactical accessories mounting
10. Rounded trigger guard, extended beaver tail, round mag catch, and improved checkering.

More Photos & Info:

Socom Gear Sneak Peak: Licensed KELTEC PMR30 Coming Soon…

Coming Soon: Fully Licensed Keltec PMR30 from SOCOM GEAR.

New product from SocomGear

The new design Noveske N4 7” RAS AEG available now.

Highest quality AEG you can find in the market

Made in Taiwan

Noveske licensed N4 AEG

Metal body

Deep logo engraving

FREE KX3 comp

Function Bolt release

Crane Stock

Check for details

SOCOM Gear Daniel Defense AEGs Video Review

These amazing new guns from SOCOM Gear bring new attention to detail. These things are so realistic I bet Daniel himself couldn’t tell the difference between SOCOM Gears version and his original, take a look at SOCOM Gears latest accomplishments.

M82A1 Delay


M82A1 will be released in 15 days. (Hopefully)

This week, 3 pcs will be sent to Hong Kong and USA to review before release.

More details about M82A1:

(1) Licensed by Barrett Rifles.

(2) Carton box

(3) Ver. 2 gearbox + High torque motor (no battery)

(4) Rifles Airsoft + Bipod + Carrying Handle + Magazine(x1) * Monopod: Optional

(5) MSRP: $850 ($750 without Bipod)

(6) First production: 100 pcs. (Already sold out….Did you reserve yours yet?)